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Trace Minerals Research – Featured Brand

TraceMineralsSusan Brown Health and Wellness Editor

For over 40 years, Trace® Minerals Research (TMR) has been recognized worldwide as a pioneer of scientifically-based ionic trace mineral products that support healthy function, wellness and vitality. TMR is committed to the highest standard of quality that includes identity, purity, strength and composition testing of all raw materials extracted from lakes, oceans and underground deposits. Products are manufactured to exceed federal guideline regulations in compliance with FDA certified Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), as well as to meet all standards and guidelines for heavy metals through EPA testing of extraction sites and evaporation ponds.

Efficient and technologically advanced proprietary and accelerated solar evaporation processes allow for the extraction, harvest and concentration of high quality food grade minerals. Raw materials are tested multiple times throughout the receiving, manufacturing and bottling processes, and undergo additional third-party testing to verify safety and quality. TMR adheres to TruLabel®, a dietary supplement label registration and random-testing program of the Natural Products Association, assuring all products are accurately labeled. Additionally, all product bottles are Bisphenol A (BPA) free.

To see the line of products from Trace Mineral Research, please visit professionalsupplementcenter.com

40,000 Volts40,000 Volts!: This concentrated complex of Ionic Trace and Utah Sea Minerals™ blended in a  base of liquid potassium chloride quickly turns any beverage into an electrolyte replacement drink. Use before, during and after sports or strenuous activity to boost stamina, energy and endurance and reduce day and nighttime muscle cramping. Gluten and allergen free, Non-GMO Certified Vegan formulation.

Electro-Vita-Min...Electro-Vita-Min Daily 5: This complete, food-based daily multi provides a synergistic blend of essential vitamins, minerals, green foods, omega 3-6-9 essential fatty acids and digestive enzymes supercharged with 72 naturally occurring ionic trace minerals in support of optimum health and energy. On the market for over 25 years, this tried and true formula is gluten and allergen free and Verified Vegetarian.

KETO Electrolyte...KETO Electrolyte Drops: Ideal for those on the keto diet, this full spectrum, potent electrolyte liquid formula helps to avoid electrolyte imbalance, dehydration and muscle cramps sometimes termed the “keto flu.” Mix with juice, water or other beverage. Contains Ionic Trace Minerals, Utah Sea Minerals® and potassium chloride. No additional ingredients. Gluten free, Certified vegan formulation.

Optimal pHOptimal pH: This all natural trace mineral complex helps maintain healthy pH balance in the body in support of optimum health. Contains only highly absorbable, concentrated ionic sea minerals sourced from the Great Salt Lake. Gluten and allergen free, Non-GMO Certified Vegan formulation.