Take Your Vitamins

Take Your VitaminsBy Jacquie Eubanks BSN, RN

Vitamins and minerals are vital elements that our bodies need to develop and function properly.  Vitamins are organic substances produced by plants or animals.  Minerals are inorganic elements  found naturally in soil and water.  Both play a unique role in maintaining our health. One way to be sure to get all the nutrients we need is to eat a well balanced variety of foods.  Another way to ensure you are getting the vitamins and minerals your body needs for optimum health is through the addition of high quality nutritional supplements.  These are supplements that have been thoroughly tested and are usually only found in nutrition stores where there is a healthcare practitioner on-staff or in your doctor’s office.  A good rule of thumb to determine the quality level of supplements is the price.  Cheaper supplements tend to mean lower quality.

Dietary supplements are intended to complement a healthy diet, address a deficiency in the diet or to strengthen the body as a whole.  Generally, supplements will contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, botanicals, herbs, amino acids and micronutrients.  They are intended to help the body function smoothly or can support a specific area of the body’s health and wellness.  For example, vitamin A supports healthy vision and bone growth.  Vitamin E, an antioxidant, strengthens the immune system and aids in cellular repair.  Vitamin C supports eye health, immune health and cardio health. 

It is always a good idea to consult your healthcare provider regarding which supplements would be most beneficial to you or to address your specific health concerns.  Additionally, do your own research, be your own health advocate and aid or protect your health.  Look for high quality products, buy from a reputable source and pay attention to dosage information.  If you have questions, contact us.  We will be happy to assist you and get you on the road to good health and wellness. 

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