WEEK 10: Healthy Weight Challenge

ChallengeJenniferIconBy Jennifer Bement
Social Media Manager

The team is moving into the homestretch now, having collectively lost nearly 140 lbs! Nurse Jacquie is finding that many of the suggestions she has made, have now become second nature to the team. Everyone is making healthier choices when it comes to food, an important habit to form going into the holiday season where temptation will be around every corner, but hopefully not in the lunchroom.

Some staffers who were not fans of exercise are now gung-ho to get to the gym or head out for a brisk walk. We are headquartered in Florida, so even early in the morning it has been hot and humid, but there is a change on the air and we’ll be ushering in Fall soon, so going out for that walk will be even more refreshing.

With just a couple of weeks left in the challenge, the participants are now pushing hard to reach their goals. Actually, six of them already have surpassed the goal they set for themselves and are working on maintaining and even shooting for a higher amount lost. Keep up the good work team!

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