WEEK 7: 90-Day Healthy Weight Challenge

LogoSASJenniferIconBy Jennifer Bement
Social Media Manager

The group is now at a loss of over 110 lbs! The past couple of weeks the team has come up against a situation many who are trying to lose weight are familiar with – a plateau. “Plateaus are to be expected, but it’s important to stay on track with healthy anti-inflammatory eating and exercise” stated Nurse Jacquie, who is overseeing the progress of the team. “The supplements they are taking certainly help their bodies to process the food they are eating, and we know they are making the right choices and working hard for the healthy weight they want.”

The participants of the challenge were broken down into three groups based on the amount of weight they wanted to lose, their activity level, and their diet, among other factors. After consulting with Nurse Jacquie, they were put on one of three weight loss supplements. Here’s a little bit about each of those supplements:

Super HCA (1,400 mg Garcinia Cambogia Extract)Super HCA by Douglas Laboratories – Super HCA supplies 1,400 mg of Garcinia Cambogia Extract. Garcinia Cambogia has been in the news lately due to the hyperbolic claims made by Dr. Oz of its effectiveness. And while you should take advice from those on television with a grain of salt, the participants on this supplement are seeing great results. Garcinia works by preventing disproportionate amounts of glucose from dietary carbohydrates from being turned into body fat. It also may aid in normal appetite regulation.

7-KETO Lean7-Keto Lean by Integrative Therapeutics – 7-Keto Lean has been clinically proved to burn fat, not muscle and promotes weight loss. This natural supplement is not a stimulant so it will not raise heart rate, blood pressure, or keep you awake at night. The participants on this supplement are also making great strides toward their ideal healthy weight.


CLACLA by Ortho Molecular – CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is a supplement that supports reducing body fat while increasing muscle tone when used with a healthy diet and exercise. CLA works by speeding up the fat metabolism in the body as well as help metabolize fat deposits when combined with moderate exercise. Most of the participants in this group were already close to their ideal weight, but wanted to tone up a bit and the CLA seems to be working for them.

With hard work and a keen eye on their diets, we’re sure the team will once again be back to losing more pounds next week.

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