WEEK 9: 90-Day Healthy Weight Challenge

137JenniferIconBy Jennifer Bement
Social Media Manager

The team continues on in their effort to drop down to a healthy weight and now have lost a total of 137 lbs! We have talked about the supplements they are taking and how they fit into a healthy lifestyle, so now we’re going to share a bit about the diet guidelines they are following.

While each participant has been given unique, detailed instruction from Nurse Jacquie, they all are following roughly the same plan – an anti-inflammatory eating plan. Chronic inflammation has been linked to a number of degenerative and lifestyle-caused diseases, including cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and certain cancers. Changing to an anti-inflammatory diet can have an impact on overall health, that in turn can lead to a more active lifestyle and weight loss.

The Basics of an Anti-Inflammatory Diet:

  • Lots of fruits and vegetables in a wide range of colors
  • Whole grains like brown rice and quinoa
  • Beans for fiber
  • Healthy fats such as olive, canola, and sunflower oils
  • Seafood – rich in omega-3s
  • Spices and herbs – many spices contain naturally anti-inflammatory properties
  • Seeds and nuts – contain protein and healthy fats
  • Water, lots of it
  • Avoid processed foods, excess sugar, and hydrogenated oils

By following this plan, the team members are learning to make healthier choices and are totally shifting the way they look at food. Since the challenge is for 90 days, it gives the team a chance to really cement these healthy habits into their lifestyle, so that it is not so much about losing the weight, but leading a healthy life.

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