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Metagenics4x4SusanBiconBy Susan Brown
Health & Wellness Editor

Trusted worldwide by healthcare providers, Metagenics offers research-based medical foods, nutraceuticals and turnkey programs that address individual and unique health needs with targeted nutritional support. As an industry leader, Metagenics provides innovative formulas that live up to their scientific promise to deliver a high degree of safety, effectiveness and reliability to put you on the path to better overall health and wellness.

If you have yet to try any of Metagenics’ impressive formulations, now is the time to take advantage of these great prices. Here’s a closer look at a few of these highly regarded supplements given 5 star ratings by our customers for great results and noticeable impacts on health.

D3 50005 StarsD3 5000Vitamin D deficiency is now a global concern. Worldwide an estimated 1 billion people have inadequate levels of vitamin D. Ramp up your disease fighting potential with this high potency vitamin D3 as cholecalciferol, a substantially bioavailable form designed for optimal absorbability. Many of our customers report improved vitamin D levels after taking this supplement.
UltraFlora Balance (Formerly Ultra Flora Plus DF Capsules) (HEAT SENSITIVE PRODUCT)5 StarsUltraFlora Balance - Maintaining a healthy balance of beneficial intestinal flora equates to healthy digestion and favorable immune function. Optimize your disease fighting potential before the start of cold and flu season with this 50/50 blend of pure and viable probiotic strains. Numerous customers, including those who have experienced chronic digestive issues, report greatly improved digestive function along with an enhanced feeling of wellness.
OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 7205 StarsOmegaGenics EPA-DHA 720 - Abundant scientific evidence supports the importance of omega- 3 fatty acids for proper cardiac, circulatory, joint and brain health. Produced in Norway from cold water fish, these naturally flavored lemon softgels provide a healthy balance of highly concentrated EPA and DHA for support of overall health. Customers frequently report improved maintenance of cholesterol and triglyceride levels while taking this product.
Mag Glycinate5 StarsMag Glycinate - Magnesium is a mighty mineral necessary for more than 300 biochemical processes. Formulated with an exclusive patented process, this fully reacted magnesium amino acid chelate is designed for enhanced intestinal absorption in support of bone, heart, muscle and nervous system health. Our customers report great satisfaction with better regulated digestive systems and reduced incidence of leg cramps.  
Vessel Care (New Formulation)5 StarsVessel CareElevated homocysteine levels are believed to contribute to plaque formation by damaging arterial walls. This comprehensive formula features key nutrients that aid in the maintenance of healthy homocysteine levels and promote healthy homocysteine metabolism in support of overall cardiovascular health. This brand new formulation is already rated 5 stars by a customer who reports great satisfaction with both the quality and the results.  

Looking For A Good Multivitamin?

MultiVitsSusanBiconBy Susan Brown
Health & Wellness Editor

Are you getting your daily supply of multivitamins? Ideally, we should get all the vitamins we need from a healthy diet. However, when our daily food intake does not include a minimum of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, we may not be getting the nutrients our body requires for optimal health and function. As studies show that most Americans do not get more than 3 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, many are getting less than the minimum daily allowance of 10 or more essential nutrients. A balanced combination of vitamins can promote heath by addressing the deficiencies in our diets, and provide good nutritional insurance to aid in reducing the risks of developing chronic degenerative disease.  

Here are some of our customers’ favorite multivitamins:

Ultra Preventive® X Vcaps (200574)Ultra Preventive® X Vcaps (200574) by Douglas Laboratories - Rated 5 stars by our customers, this multivitamin contains essential nutrition for optimal health. Carefully formulated for absorbability, this supplement contains an optimum balance of vitamins and minerals, plus a proprietary blend of organic fruits and vegetables for their protective phytonutrients.
Multi T/D Basic Two-A-Day Multivitamin
Multi T/D Basic Two-A-Day Multivitamin by Pure EncapsulationsThis 5 star rated multivitamin/mineral supplement provides a concentrated core of essential nutrients for support of visual acuity, cardiovascular function and optimal health. Hypoallergenic, gluten free, vegetarian formula.
Nutrivitamin Enzyme Complex w/o iron (Tyler)Nutrivitamin Enzyme Complex w/o Iron (Tyler) by Integrative Therapeutics This exclusive complex includes vitamins, probiotics, highly concentrated, synergistic plant enzymes, and fruit-sourced antioxidants. Nutrivitamin is a 5 star rated gluten-free supplement formulated for optimal nutritional maintenance and easy absorbability.
Multigenics Chewable OrangeMulitgenics Chewable Orange by Metgenics - This bioavailable multivitamin/mineral formula provides comprehensive, high quality essential nutrients for overall optimal health. Suitable for children aged 2 and older and adults who prefer a naturally flavored chewable tablet. 5 star rated, gluten-free and non-GMO.
Children's Basic Nutrients (VMC)
Children’s Basic Nutrients (VMC) by Thorne Research - Only the finest, most bioavailable nutrients are contained in these child sized multivitamin/mineral capsules. In addition, this 5 star rated supplement is gluten, soy, lactose and GMO free and contains no artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors.
 Canine Plus Chicken Liver Flavor
 Canine Plus Chicken Liver Flavor by Vetri-Science - And for our furry friends this complete multivitamin/mineral formula includes digestive enzymes, antioxidants and fatty acids to maintain overall physical well being of dogs of all ages and breeds.

The Rewarding Benefits of Tai Chi

tai chi 2SusanBiconBy Susan Brown Health & Wellness Editor

Feeling stressed? Tai Chi may be your antidote. Tai chi, with its soft, flowing and deliberate movements, is like watching poetry in motion or a beautifully choreographed classical dance. The practice of tai chi is composed of slow, gentle and purposeful movements that, along with meditation and deep breathing, are designed to improve overall wellness. As both a spiritual and physical practice, tai chi strives to balance the body, mind and spirit to create harmony and good health. When practiced properly and routinely, tai chi is believed to unblock the flow of qi (pronounced chee), or energy, within the body to relieve stress, fight disease, improve tranquility, and create health.

This centuries old, non-violent Chinese martial art is meant to be a full body experience, enhancing both mental health and physical fitness. Literally translated to mean “supreme ultimate,” many refer to tai chi as relaxation in motion as it allows participants to become one with the body while promoting muscle strength and spiritual growth. The practice of tai chi is a lifelong journey that not only commands relaxation but also a cleared, more focused mind.

Tai chi is believed to improve balance, posture, mood and flexibility, and have a positive influence on stress relief and blood pressure. Learned and practiced at any stage of life, tai chi is safe and beneficial for all, including the elderly and those with chronic health conditions. Tai chi may be especially beneficial for those whose bone density markers place them at high risk of fractures, as improved balance is often associated with a decreased risk of falling. While usually performed in a standing position, the many movements of tai chi can be adapted for those with physical limitations, including those who may be bedridden or confined to a wheelchair.

Although not a cure all, there is something magical about tai chi training. While western researchers continue to study the health advantages of tai chi participation, students and practitioners alike are convinced the benefits of this ancient art form are numerous and real. For thousands of years, the practice of creating dynamic inner movement by combining mindfulness with low-intensity aerobic exercise has helped many to correct health imbalances, improve life quality and support healthy aging.

How the basic principles of tai chi can benefit wellbeing:

  • Movement – To improve balance, strength, flexibility and coordination, tai chi movements encompass all major muscle groups and joints, significantly improving both upper and lower body endurance and positively aiding bone density.
  • Meditation – Commonly used for relaxation and stress relief, meditation helps to focus attention and promote a tranquil mind. By eliminating stress inducing thoughts, meditation can bring on a sense of peace that may benefit your emotional wellbeing and overall health.
  • Deep breathing – Breathing impacts the entire body by regulating heart rate and blood pressure and supplying the body with oxygen and nutrients. Deep breathing allows for the elimination of toxins while promoting increased lung capacity and enhancing circulation to the brain, boosting mental alertness.

When used as an adjunct to standard medical treatment, studies show tai chi may help improve certain medical conditions including:

Arthritis – A Tufts University study showed that people with severe knee osteoarthritis significantly improved flexibility and reduced pain by practicing tai chi twice a week for 12 weeks.

Heart disease – A study at National Taiwan University showed that a year of practice boosted exercise capacity, lowered blood pressure and improved cholesterol and triglyceride levels in people at high risk for heart disease.

Parkinson’s Disease – A pilot study from Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis showed improved balance, walking ability and overall wellbeing in people with mild to moderately severe Parkinson’s disease.

Hypertension – A randomized controlled study found that practicing tai chi three times a week for 12 weeks significantly reduced both diastolic and systolic blood pressure, improved both serum cholesterol and HDL cholesterol levels and reduced anxiety in participants.

Sleep issues – A University of California study showed improved sleep quality and duration in otherwise healthy older adults with moderate sleep complaints.

After your tai chi practice, enjoy a nice cup of restorative, delicious tea:

Tulsi Tea Honey Chamomile
Tulsi Tea Honey Chamomile by Organic India – Abundant in antioxidants, this soothing, caffeine-free tea provides a delicious antidote to stress.
White Tea
White Tea by Extended Health – This relaxing and mood enhancing organic tea is minimally processed to maintain high antioxidant levels.   Green Tea also available.
Tulsi Tea Green Tea
Tulsi Green Tea by Organic India – This fine green tea provides a natural energy boost along with stress relief and digestive support.



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Essential Selenium

Selenium2JacquieIconBy Jacquie Eubanks

Small amounts of selenium, a trace element naturally found in the soil and food products, are nutritionally essential for human health. In the body, selenium clusters known as selenoproteins play a critical role in reproduction, thyroid hormone metabolism, immune support and DNA synthesis. In its function as an antioxidant, selenium plays an important role in oxidative damage protection and infection prevention. Selenium is required for the proper activity of glutathione peroxidases, a group of enzymes that provide protection from oxidative stress and facilitate the recycling of vitamins E and C, helping to optimize the performance of the antioxidant system. They also play a key role in the body’s detoxification system, aiding in the elimination of heavy metal toxicity symptoms.

Chronic low selenium intake is associated with an increased risk for heart disease, cancer and depressed immune function. Those most susceptible to selenium deficiencies include those with rheumatoid arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, inflammatory conditions and those with certain types of cancer. Others who may have low levels of selenium include those who smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, take birth control pills or have digestive health issues such as celiac or Crohn’s disease that prevent absorption of the mineral.

In addition to potent antioxidant activity, selenium stimulates the immune system and shows promise in cancer prevention by its ability to inhibit tumor growth. Because of its antioxidant properties and its positive effects on DNA repair and the endocrine and immune systems, the importance of selenium in cancer prevention is the basis of ongoing scientific studies. A substantial amount of research indicates that selenium plays a role in regulating cytokines, cell signaling molecules that stimulate the immune response, while deficiencies are associated with impaired immune function.

Selenium can be found in the highest concentration in the thyroid gland. Much like iodine, selenium has important roles to play in thyroid hormone synthesis and thyroid gland function. The transformation of a less active thyroid hormone known as thyroxine (T4) into the more active triiodothyronine (T3) is one way that selenium partners with iodine to keep thyroid function strong and consistent. While selenium supports efficient thyroid hormone synthesis and metabolism, it also protects the thyroid from the damaging effects of excessive iodine exposure.

Although true selenium deficiency is rare in the U.S., selenium intake and blood concentrations can vary by region depending on soil content and amounts found in local foods. The amount of selenium a plant food contains is dependent on the soil content, soil pH, the health of the soil, the amount of organic material in the soil and whether the plant is able to extract the selenium from the soil. The soil also affects the amount of selenium in an animal’s diet, so amounts found in dietary animal products can fluctuate. Good food sources of selenium include brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, organ and muscle meats, whole grains, cold water fish, shellfish, dairy and cruciferous vegetables. Eating a diet rich in whole foods is preferable to processed foods, as processing destroys much of the nutrient content. Most refined and processed foods, which often make up a large percentage of many American’s diets, are very low in selenium.

Making sure your selenium intake is optimal may boost both thyroid and immune function. While the importance of selenium in the diet is well documented, you can have too much of a good thing. While most adults average less than 100 mcg per day from foods, exceeding the recommended daily allowance of 400 mcg is not recommended.

Here are some great recommendations for selenium supplementation:

Selenium (Selenomethionine)
Selenium (Selenomethionine) by Pure Encapsulations – This easily assimilated supplement provides 200 mcg of selenium per capsule in a hypo-allergenic, gluten and soy free formula.
Aqueous Selenium
Aqueous Selenium by Biotics Research – This product provides supplemental selenium in an easy to take liquid formula. One drop provides 95 mcg of elemental selenium.
 Reacted Selenium
Reacted Selenium by Ortho Molecular – This gluten and soy free supplement provides 200 mcg of selenium per natural vegetable capsule.
Selenium by Innate Response Formulas – Crafted exclusively from 100% whole food nutrients, this non-GMO, gluten and soy free formula provides 50 mcg of selenium per tablet.


Week 13: 90-Day Healthy Weight Challenge

PSCteamAFTERJenniferIconBy Jennifer Bement
Social Media Manager

The team made it through the 90-Day Healthy Weight Challenge and every single one of them lost weight! Combined they lost 159.5 lbs – that is a 4.95% overall loss! They also lost a lot of inches – waists are down 51” and hips 54” – there are lots of baggy clothes around here.

If you have been following the challenge you know that each participant had a private assessment with Jacquie Eubanks, the staff nurse who specializes in assessing, developing and coaching to optimize one’s health with the proper use of pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements.

 All participants were given Nordic Naturals ProOmega Lemon fish oil supplement, Douglas Laboratories Multi-Probiotic 15 billion, Enzymedica Digest Gold (a potent digestive enzyme,) and Metagenics PhytoMulti, multivitamin.

The participants were broken into three groups based on the weight loss supplement that was deemed best for them by Eubanks; and they received either Ortho Molecular CLA that supports reducing body fat while increasing muscle tone – this group lost 3.39% body weight; Douglas Laboratories Super HCA (garcinia cambogia extract) that aids in normal appetite regulation – this group lost 5.19% body weight; or Integrative Therapeutics 7-KETO Lean that helps burn fat, not muscle, and promotes weight loss – and this team lost 6.39% body weight.

Another key component to reaching a healthy weight is exercise and boy, oh boy, did the team exercise! They walked/ran 606.5 miles; did 95.5 hours of tai chi, yoga, or ballet; walked dogs 55.22 miles; spent 56 hours on yardwork or house cleaning; and sweated it out in the gym for 29.5 hours; plus 75.25 hours of miscellaneous activities such as swimming and horseback riding.

Are You B12 Deficient?

VitaminB12JacquieIconBy Jacquie Eubanks

Chances are you may be one of the almost 40% of the U.S. population that have suboptimal vitamin B12 levels. Fully 9% are well below the current deficiency level. Vitamin B12 deficiencies can progress very slowly, as initial signs and symptoms may appear gradually and intensify over time. B12 deficiency can also come on quite suddenly and many times symptoms can be overlooked or chalked up to other factors. Symptoms of deficiency can include, among others, anemia, balance issues, numbness or tingling in the hands or feet, cognitive difficulties, mood swings, muscle weakness, infertility, lack of energy and fatigue. A simple blood test can detect a B12 deficiency. Early detection and treatment are crucial, as untreated deficiency may result in neurological problems, blood disorders or premature death.  

B12 is a requirement for a number of bodily functions and is essential for the health of every cell in the body. This powerhouse nutrient is involved in physical, mental and emotional energy production, cognitive function, the regulation of red blood cells, DNA synthesis, healthy immune and nervous system function, proper digestion, cell formation and longevity, hormone production, and myelin formation, which protects nerve endings and allows communication between nerve cells.

The most common causes of deficiencies are inadequate dietary intake and malabsorption issues. Although B12 deficiency can affect all age groups, those who are most at risk for lifetime deficiencies include:

  • The elderly or those over 50 years of age who are most likely to have malabsorption issues due to a decrease or gradual loss of gastric acid, which releases the vitamin from food. According to scientists at Rush University Medical Center, elderly people with B12 deficiency are more likely to suffer from cognitive decline.
  • Deficiency is very common in strict vegans or vegetarians, as B12 is present only in animal products or fortified foods.
  • Those who take prescription or OTC acid reducing medications which lower stomach acid, compromising the body’s ability to extract and absorb B12 and other dietary nutrients.
  • Diabetics who take diabetes medications such as Metformin©, which may interfere with the metabolism of calcium necessary for B12 absorption.
  • Those who have malabsorption issues, such as those with celiac or Crohn’s disease.
  • Those who may have had gastric bypass weight loss surgery.
  • Those with pernicious anemia, an autoimmune condition in which the body is unable to produce intrinsic factor, a binding protein necessary for B12 absorption. Without intrinsic factor, the body simply cannot absorb vitamin B12.
  • Those who have or have been affected by Helicobacter pylori, which can damage the stomach cells that produce intrinsic factor.
  • Those who consume 4 or more cups of coffee daily are likely to be slightly deficient in B12.
  • Medications that can result in B12 deficiencies include antibiotics, anticonvulsants, birth control pills, cholesterol-lowing pharmaceuticals and Parkinson’s disease medications.

Though largely unrecognized, vitamin B12 deficiency can have serious consequences and is preventable in most cases. For the most serious cases, treatment options can include weekly vitamin B12 injections or daily high dose supplements. For milder cases, fortified foods and a standard B complex vitamin may be enough to correct deficiencies. Over age 50, supplements in highly absorbable form are recommended, as aging is a factor in malabsorption from foods. If you are B12 deficient, the first step is to identify the underlying cause of the deficiency in order to find the appropriate form of supplementation.

Here are some suggested supplements to ensure you are getting optimal levels of vitamin B12:

B12 Liquid
B12 Liquid by Pure Encapsulations – This highly bioavailable liquid form of vitamin B12 with methylcobalamin supplies 1,000 mcg per dropper. Gluten and soy free vegetarian formula.
B12-Active™ CHERRY
B12-Active™ Cherry by Integrative Therapeutics – These naturally flavored chewables supply 1 mg of highly active and bioavailable vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin. Gluten and soy free. Suitable for vegetarians.
Vitamin B12 (K-34)
 Vitamin B12 (K-34) by Apex Energetics – This product provides high potency vitamin B12 in a bioavailable liquid form. Ten drops provide 300 mcg per serving. Naturally flavored with orange and tangerine.

Methylcobalamin (B125)

Methylcobalamin by Thorne Research – This bioactive form of vitamin B12 provides 1mg per capsule in a gluten, soy and lactose free formula. Non-GMO and suitable for vegetarians.



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Featured Brand: Integrative Therapeutics

Integrative TherapeuticsSusanBiconBy Susan Brown
Health & Wellness Editor

For over 35 years, family-owned Integrative Therapeutics has been developing safe and effective formulations that integrate with a healthy diet and lifestyle to support optimal wellness. As leading manufacturers of science-based nutritional supplements, Integrative Therapeutics strives to provide therapeutic benefits for improved patient health. As a drug audited GMP facility, Integrative Therapeutics manufactures products according to rigorous standards, requirements and expectations of verified identity, purity, potency, bioavailability and composition of every formulation.

Integrative Therapeutics’ established stability program ensures each product contains 100% of the labeled level of every key ingredient throughout shelf life. Their on-site testing laboratory consists of more than 30 full time scientific professionals, chemists and microbiologists to guarantee the quality of all finished products. These very high quality supplements are available exclusively through licensed healthcare professionals.

The following products are highly ranked in customer satisfaction:

B12-Active™ CHERRY
B12-Active™ Cherry – These naturally flavored dissolvable tablets provide fast-acting energy support. One tablet provides 1 mg of vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin.   Gluten, soy and dairy free formula. Suitable for vegetarians.
Indolplex (Tyler)
Indolplex (Tyler) - Formulated to support healthy hormonal balance, this product contains a patented, stable, bioavailable form of diindolylmethane (DIM) found naturally in cruciferous vegetables. Gluten and dairy free vegetarian formula.
End Fatigue Daily Energy B Complex
End Fatigue Daily Energy B Complex – One daily capsule supplies an ultimate blend of high level B vitamins for all day energy and support of healthy blood, brain and nerve cell function. Gluten, dairy and soy free vegetarian formula.
Cortisol Manager™
Cortisol Manager™ - This natural, non-habit forming supplement provides a standardized proprietary blend to support all day stress reduction and restorative sleep without morning grogginess. Gluten and dairy free vegetarian formula.
Similase® (Tyler)
Similase® (Tyler) – This product provides broad range, high potency digestive enzymes for comprehensive digestive support and assimilation of all nutrients. Soy-free vegetarian formula.
Resveratrol Ultra
Resveratrol Ultra - Formulated with 100% pure resveratrol in a standardized blend to aid in reducing free radical oxidative stress and support cellular health. Gluten and dairy free vegetarian formula.

Benefits of Wheat Grass Juice

wheatgrass3JacquieIconBy Jacquie Eubanks

There are many reasons why some describe wheat grass juice as liquid sunshine! Wheat grass grown outdoors in nutrient-rich soil turns sunlight into energy and provides one of nature’s finest complete foods. Grown from sprouted wheatberries and harvested at its nutritional peak, wheat grass contains not only high concentrations of living enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, chlorophyll and phytonutrients, but also the full array of essential amino acids, making it a complete and satisfying protein. This nutrient dense green superfood may provide a variety of natural health benefits, including noticeably improved energy levels and a feeling of optimal wellness.

Here’s how the nutrients found in wheatgrass may benefit vitality and health:  

  • Chlorophyll – As the life blood of plants, chlorophyll carries high levels of oxygen. Chlorophyll molecules contained in wheatgrass are very similar to hemoglobin molecules in the blood and can be used by the body to build red blood cells and increase the body’s capacity to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells.  
  • Enzymes – Wheatgrass contains beneficial enzymes, which have a wide variety of bodily functions, ranging from digestion to cellular renewal to building muscle, blood and organs. One such enzyme, superoxide dismutase (SOD) helps to lessen the effects of radiation, a factor in cellular aging, and helps to cleanse the body of heavy metals, pollutants and other toxins stored in body tissues and organs.
  • Amino acids – Wheat grass contains 17 amino acids, which aid in building the proteins that shape muscle structure, maintain and repair cells and assist blood clotting. Amino acids are also active in hormone production and enzyme synthesis. Adequate amounts of amino acids are necessary to maintain optimal health.
  • Antioxidants- Wheat grass contains natural phytochemicals, such as flavonoids, which neutralize free radicals that cause cellular DNA damage, accelerate aging and increase the risk of developing cancer and age related chronic diseases. Scientific studies have shown that wheat grass extract has higher antioxidant activity as compared to other plants and vegetables. Other beneficial antioxidant compounds and vitamins include beta-carotene and vitamins C and E.
  • Vitamin and mineral content – In addition to vitamins C and E, wheat grass contains vitamins D and K and a good array of B vitamins. Mineral content includes calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper, manganese and selenium.

What about other benefits?

  • Natural detoxification – The high chlorophyll content of wheatgrass stimulates and aids in naturally detoxifying the liver and the blood. It helps to neutralize and eliminate toxins in the digestive tract and the lymphatic system.
  • pH balance – With a pH balance of 7.0, wheat grass is a powerful alkalizing agent, which can help restore and maintain a balanced acid to alkaline ratio in the body. An overly acidic body pH creates metabolic acidosis, which can interrupt cellular activities and functions and lead to sickness and disease. A balanced pH creates natural homeostasis, increasing energy and stamina. Maintaining a balanced pH level is critical for long-term health.
  • Weight loss – The protein content in the form of poly-peptides, shorter chains of amino acids, allow for more efficient use in the body and blood stream. The many nutrients make wheat grass juice very satisfying to the body and may reduce hunger pangs and cravings. Wheat grass juice, taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, may help you eat less overall throughout the day.
  • Immune support – Wheat grass is an effective way to boost the body’s immune system in order to fight illness and support recovery and wellness. Wheat grass may also be helpful in controlling chronic inflammation, a factor in chronic disease development. Because wheat grass is a natural alkalizing anti-bacterial food that helps to detox the lymph glands, the body is able to remove toxins more quickly and efficiently.

Some consider wheat grass juice nature’s finest medicine for its health promoting effects. Because of its high protein and cleansing and energizing properties, you’ll find wheat grass juice is at the top of the list of beneficial nutritional superfoods. And for those who may be wondering, wheat grass is gluten free, making this a suitable food for everyone, including those with gluten sensitivities. You may find that when start your day with a shot of wheat grass juice, you might not need that morning cup of coffee. In summary, wheat grass juice provides living food that recharges your cells and jump starts your energy, without the sometimes jittery effects of sugar and caffeine.  

To enjoy the all benefits that wheat grass juice has to offer, here are some great suggestions for supplementation:

Sweet Wheat Powder

Sweet Wheat Powder by Brightcore Nutrition – This product contains only 100% pure certified organic, freeze dried wheatgrass. To energize your day with this nutritious food, simply mix with water or juice.
Perfect Food RAW Wheat Grass Juice
Perfect Food RAW Wheat Grass Juice by Garden of Life – Capture the power of the sun with this certified organic super food blend of nutrient dense wheat grass juice, sprouts and vegetables.
Daily Greens
Daily Greens by Progressive Labs – Mix this product with water or juice and receive the benefits of a pleasant tasting blend of wheatgrass, spirulina, algae, mushrooms, vegetable extracts and enzymes.

WEEK 12: 90-Day Healthy Weight Challenge

Week 12JenniferIconBy Jennifer Bement
Social Media Manager

The team is really in the homestretch now with just one more week to go! They have lost a total of 155 pounds by getting their digestive health in order, eating an anti-inflammation diet, adding exercise to their routines, and taking supplements that complement their changes in diet and exercise.

Over the past 11 weeks, we have seen them make healthier choices about food, we have heard them talk about their increased energy levels, and we’ve watched them arrive to work wearing clothes that were previously pushed to the back of the closet because they were too tight.

This week the team lost the same amount as they did in just the second week of the challenge. Why is that interesting? Because typically as a weight loss program trudges on, you expect the losses to taper, but our team put up great numbers for the past two weeks. It really shows their commitment to the program and their tenacity to make it work for them. It’ll be exciting to see where the team ends up after the full 13 weeks.

Featured Brand: Quantum Nutrition Labs

Quantum Nutrition Labs..SusanBiconBy Susan Brown
Health & Wellness Editor

Together with nutritionists, physicians, and other medical health professionals, Quantum’s mission is to develop and provide products that aid in the restoration and maintenance of optimal health. Quantum Nutrition Labs is committed to formulating 100% non-toxic nutritional products designed with uncompromising quality, extraordinary purity and clinically tested effectiveness. Their formulas are based on broad spectrum, bioavailable “once living” nutrients free of toxins, preservatives and excipients in order to provide ideal cellular DNA rejuvenation.

The “Quantum Nutrition Effect” happens when truly synergistic nutrients, co-factors and transporters are combined for metabolic efficiency in order to deliver the best possible performance. All raw materials are tested for purity, potency and quantum state resonance capacity.

Adrenal Support, Q.
Adrenal Support, Q. – Rated 5 stars by our customers, this quantum-state biocompatible formula is designed to support healthy adrenal gland function.
Bone & Joint Support, Q.
Bone & Joint Support, Q. – Another 5 star rated product, this comprehensive formula provides quantum-state support for healthy bones, joint function, connective tissue and a healthy inflammatory response.
Cleanse Caps, Q. (Formerly Cleanse Blend)
Cleanse Caps, Q. – This customer favorite supports whole body cleansing and daily regularity to rejuvenate the body.
Colostrum Capsules, Q.
Colostrum Capsules, Q. – This very special immune-active 100% bovine colostrum is obtained from grass fed cows raised by a select group of dedicated dairy farmers. Non-defatted and pesticide free.
Digest, Q.
Digest, Q. – This 5 star rated enzyme product is entirely plant based and is highly effective for digestive and cleansing support. Quantum recommends taking this product after every meal containing cooked food.
Kidney Support, Q.
Kidney Support, Q. – One of Quantum’s most popular products, this broad-spectrum, quantum-state formula offers effective support for detoxification and optimal kidney health.
Turmeric – This quantum-state herb is grown in India by Ayurvedic botanical growers in support of rejuvenation and optimal liver health.