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bioceuticalsSusan Brown Health and Wellness Editor

Professional Supplement Center is pleased to offer Bioceuticals®, a line of practitioner-only nutritional and therapeutic supplements. Renowned for manufacturing quality and innovative natural-based therapies, Bioceuticals® is Australia’s leading provider of researched-based complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) and, as such, is strongly committed to reliable functional formulas that reflect their reputation as a progressive force in integrative health. Bioceuticals® is dedicated to finding efficacious solutions that safely improve and support health and wellbeing in accordance with the goals and high standards of the Australian Register of Naturopaths and Herbalists.

Bioceuticals® unique products are developed by integrative health practitioners along with their Scientific Advisory Committee and Product Development department. Sustainability, safety and quality assurance are key factors in product development, while ongoing research and clinical trials ensure products deliver as promised. With a commitment to research, Bioceuticals® partners with top hospitals within the Australian allied healthcare industry and, along with the nation’s most respected researchers develop health solutions of the highest quality. Bioceuticals® was the first nutraceutical company to be accepted onto the National Products Catalog for hospitals, and continues to consistently raise the standards of natural-based therapies.

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Adreno ComplexAdreno Complex – Formulated with B vitamins, amino acids, ashwagandha, eleuthero and reishi mushroom for healthy adrenal and nervous system support. Adreno Complex may be especially beneficial during times of increased mental and physical demand.


BioFloractiv Urinary...BioFloractiv Urinary Care – This unique blend of standardized cranberry and pomegranate extracts, along with Lactobacillus plantarum and vitamin D3, provides multi-faceted support for urinary tract health and healthy, balanced microflora.


GI CareGI Care – This vegan-friendly powdered formula provides optimal nutritional support for a healthy gastrointestinal tract, along with soothing support for digestive comfort. This carefully selected blend of botanicals and nutrients supports the repair of the gastrointestinal mucosa and encourages the growth of healthy intestinal microbiota.


Ultra Muscleze NightUltra Muscleze Night – This unique powdered formula provides a combination of ingredients that support normal sleep during times of increased stress. Sour cherry naturally supports quality and efficient sleep, while magnesium and Lactium®, a bioactive peptide, support the natural stress response.


Lactoferrin Plus SBLactoferrin Plus SB – This triple action formula provides a nutritional and probiotic blend designed to support healthy immune function and optimal gastrointestinal immunity. Ingredients include vitamin A, bovine lactoferrin and saccharomyces boulardii to promote the growth of beneficial microflora while strengthening mucous membrane barriers.

Featured Brand – NaturVet

naturvetSusan Brown Health and Wellness EditorNaturVet® began in 1994 with the rescue of a white lab named Winston, who had been diagnosed with arthritis and hip dysplasia. While veterinarians recommended Winston be put down, newly adoptive dog parents disagreed and began researching alternative medicine to provide relief and give Winston quality of life. After partnering with a holistic veterinarian, a natural joint formula was developed. Winston went on to enjoy another 10 years of quality life and, as the need for natural pet supplements was recognized, NaturVet® grew into the company it is today.

For more than 20 years, NaturVet has been manufacturing natural pet products that ensure the quality of life that pets deserve. Products are manufactured in a fully compliant cGMP facility, which is FDA registered and audited. All products are third party audited by U.L. Labs.

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Advanced Care...Advanced Care ArthriSoothe-GOLD® Level 3 – Suitable for dogs and cats, these advanced, clinically tested soft chews support healthy hip and joint function, help to maintain joint flexibility and alleviate aches and discomfort associated with activity. Ingredients include glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid and a proprietary enzyme blend.


VitaPet™ Adult Daily...VitaPet™ Adult Daily Vitamins Plus Breath Aid – Formulated specifically for adult and sick, convalescing, pregnant or nursing dogs, these soft chews provide a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids in support of overall wellness. Also available in a puppy and senior formula.


Tear Stain Plus...Tear Stain plus Lutein – Formulated for dogs and cats over 12 weeks of age to provide immune support and lubricate mucous membranes from the inside out to help with unsightly tear stains. Ingredients include vitamins, botanicals and fatty acids.


Quiet Moments® Plus...Quiet Moments® Plus Melatonin – This formula reduces motion sickness and maintains normal nervous system function to manage stress and tension resulting from a change in daily routine.  Recommended for use in dogs over 12 weeks of age to promote calmness during travel, grooming or fireworks.


Herbal Flea Shampoo...Herbal Flea Shampoo with Essential Oils – Suitable for dogs and cats and gentle enough for puppies and kittens over 6 weeks of age, this unique combination of rosemary, cedarwood, geranium and thyme works synergistically to repel fleas. Also available in a natural oil spray-on formula that can be used on bedding or sprayed directly on pets.

Flower Essences for People and Pets

bach_flowerremediiesJacquie Eubanks RN BSN

Since the earliest times, as the healing powers of nature were recognized, plants have given us medicines, as well as food. In many parts of the world, flowering herbs, trees and shrubs have been used for centuries to treat all kinds of illness. Many of today’s pharmaceutical and OTC medications are derived from plant extracts or synthesized plant compounds. For example, aspirin was originally derived from willow bark, menthol from mint leaves, digitalis from foxglove and pain medications from coca leaves. Homeopathic medicines are based on materials from plants, animals and minerals that are repeatedly diluted in water and alcohol. Homeopathy takes a holistic natural approach to treatment in a quest to treat the whole person rather than focusing on a specific part of the body.

Developed more than 200 years ago, homeopathy, as described by The National Center for Homeopathy, is a safe, gentle and natural alternative system of healing that stimulates the body’s own healing power. By working with the body, homeopathy seeks to relieve symptoms and restore and improve overall health. Homeopathic medicine has been integrated into the healthcare systems of many European countries including Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and the Netherlands. Clinical evidence shows that homeopathy has a positive effect on wellness, and the demand for alternative healing methods utilizing herbal remedies is growing in the U.S.

Based on the philosophy that “like cures like”, homeopathic remedies include infinitesimal or micro-doses of active ingredients that relieve the same symptoms they cause at full strength. Flower essences are a type of homeopathy that utilize similar principles. Based on the belief that disease or dis-ease is caused by imbalances within the body, flower essences address these imbalances at the physiological, emotional and spiritual level to allow the body to restore, repair and rebuild health. Homeopathic remedies have a very low risk of side effects and, when used appropriately, may be taken by people and pets of all ages.

Flower remedies are often used to affect emotional states. Evidence shows that emotions produce changes in certain hormones that may trigger biochemical responses, which can affect nerve function, digestion, respiration, circulation and immunity. Essences gently restore the balance between the mind and body by casting out negative emotions, such as fear, worry, impatience or indecision, that interfere with the peace, equilibrium and energy of the whole being, leaving the body free to heal itself. The first modern system based on flower essences was developed in the early 1900’s by British physician, Dr. Edward Bach, who over a period of years developed 38 flower remedies.

Dr. Bach developed these remedies based on his belief that the real cause of disease is a distortion of the body’s energy field, which results in negative states of mind and depletes a person’s vitality to the point where the body loses natural resistance and becomes vulnerable to disease. While Dr. Bach developed the 38 flower remedies that he believed were sufficient to cover all negative emotions, today many more essences have been developed to aid both people and animals in restoring and balancing their physical health by alleviating a wide variety of stressors, improving emotional stability and enhancing a positive mental attitude.

Homeopathic remedies must contain active ingredients that are listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States (HPUS). HPUS, which has been in continuous publication since 1897, lists active ingredients that may be legally included in homeopathic products with standards for strength, quality and purity. Homeopathic remedies are regulated as drugs under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FDCA), which allows homeopathic remedies that meet certain conditions to be marketed however, the FDA does not evaluate the remedies for safety and effectiveness.  

Professional Supplement Center carries these and other flower essences from Bach Flower:


Rescue Energy by Bach Flower

Rescue Energy – This all natural, non-habit forming flower remedy provides relief from physical, mental and emotional fatigue resulting from stress or stressful situations, and helps strengthen natural energy reserves. Gluten free.


Aspen Flower Essence by Bach Flower

Aspen Flower Essence – This essence helps to provide a sense of security and peace of mind for those with naturally occurring nervous tension, apprehension or non-specific fears or worries. Gluten free.



Rescue Sleep Liquid Melts by Bach Flower

Rescue Sleep Liquid Melts – This melt-in-your-mouth fast-dissolving capsule provides natural, non-habit forming relief of occasional sleeplessness resulting from stress or repetitive thoughts. Naturally flavored with vanilla and orange oil.


Clematis Flower Essence by Bach Flower

Clematis Flower Essence – For those who are dreamy with no great interest in their current life circumstances, Clematis helps one live more actively in the present rather than dreaming of future happiness. Gluten free.


Rescue Remedy by Bach FlowerRescue Remedy – Created to help those dealing with emergencies or crises or any sudden stressful situation, Rescue Remedy helps to provide focus and a sense of calmness. Vegan formulation.



Rescue Remedy Kids by Bach FlowerRescue Remedy Kids – This kid-friendly remedy provides safe, natural, non-habit forming support for a child’s emotional state and helps to restore balance. Alcohol free, non-drowsy formulation.



Rescue® Remedy Pet by Bach FlowerRescue Remedy Pet – This essence helps to reduce animal stress and tension and restore calmness and emotional balance for situations such as constant barking, visits to the vet or groomer, fear of loud noises, separation anxiety or any emotional crisis. Recommended by veterinarians and suitable for dogs, cats, horses and birds. Alcohol free formulation.

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