Getting To Know Your ABC’s

ABCJacquie Eubanks RN BSN



If you are one of the more than two-thirds of American adults who regularly take nutritional supplements, bravo! You are likelier to have better dietary habits and an overall healthier lifestyle than nonusers. Surveys show that dietary supplement users are making concerted efforts to exercise regularly, maintain a healthy weight, avoid tobacco products and improve their nutrient intake, all of which contribute to a healthier way of life. Evidence suggests that those who take dietary supplements as a part of their wellness plan are adopting positive lifestyle strategies that contribute to overall vitality and healthy aging.

According to surveys conducted by the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), the majority take supplements to maintain or improve overall health, support bone and joint health and ensure adequate nutrient intake. Additionally, supplement users are seeking to prevent future health problems, boost immunity, improve digestion, reduce stress, enhance sleep and increase energy production. Why are sufficient amounts of micronutrients so important to our health, and how do vitamins, minerals and enzymes support your wellbeing?

Let’s start at the beginning with vitamins A, B and C:

Vitamin A is actually a group of retinoids that include retinol, retinal and retinoic acid. As a fat-soluble vitamin, vitamin A is stored, largely by the liver, until needed. Naturally present in many foods, “preformed” vitamin A, found in animal tissues can be directly used by the body, while “provitamin A” carotenoids, found in fruits and vegetables, require conversion by the body into a bioavailable form for utilization. Sufficient amounts of vitamin A are essential for:

  • Vitamin A is necessary for regulating the growth and formation of all bodily cells. It’s needed for cellular communication and cellular differentiation, the ability of cells to specialize and perform their various functions.
  • Vitamin A is essential to embryonic and fetal development of the limbs, heart, eyes and ears, and is crucial to the proper development and maintenance of a range of organ systems.
  • Vitamin A supports the normal development and function of the immune system, and aids the production and efficacy of lymphocytes, white blood cells that produce antibodies to fight infections and defend against disease.
  • Vitamin A is critical to retinal health, function and proper vision, especially low light vision. Studies have shown that, as an antioxidant, vitamin A may help reduce the risk of developing age-related macular degeneration and may help slow the progression of the disease to preserve vision.
  • Vitamin A helps to form and maintain healthy skin, tissues and teeth. Vitamin A supports the skin and mucous membranes that line the intestines, airways and urinary tract, assisting immune health by providing a more effective barrier against pathogens, bacteria and viruses.


Vitamin B consists of a group of 8 distinct water-soluble vitamins, often working in synergy, yet each performs unique functions. With the exception of B-12, B complex vitamins are not stored, requiring daily replenishment to support wellbeing. As multitaskers, B vitamins promote wellness by supporting cognitive functions, healthy mood, energy production and cardiac health.

  • Thiamine – Vitamin B1 acts as an antioxidant and has a positive effect on digestion, energy, growth, nerve cell health, carbohydrate metabolism, and cognition.
  • Riboflavin – Vitamin B2 supports red blood cell formation, antibody production, cell respiration, and metabolism of fats, carbs and protein. B2 also helps to prevent cataracts, facilitates oxygen use in the tissues and aids the absorption of iron, B6 and other nutrients.
  • Niacin – Vitamin B3 is necessary for proper nervous system function, energy production, digestion, macro nutrient metabolism, and sex hormone synthesis. Niacin supports circulatory health and helps to lower cholesterol.
  • Pantothenic acid – Vitamin B5 aids in energy, adrenal hormone and neurotransmitter production, vitamin utilization, and antibody formation. B5 also enhances stamina and supports mood and normal functioning of the GI tract.
  • Pyridoxine – Vitamin B6 is a busy little nutrient required for physical and mental health. It helps to maintain fluid balance, aids digestion and absorption of nutrients, and promotes red blood cell formation. B6 is necessary for nervous system and brain function, for cellular growth, and for the synthesis of RNA and DNA.
  • Methylcobalamin – Vitamin B12 is a chemically complex group of essential nutrients known as cobalamins, which play critical roles in protein and DNA synthesis, red blood cell formation and healthy nervous system function. B12 is necessary for proper digestion, absorption and metabolism of nutrients.
  • Biotin – Vitamin B6 aids cell growth, metabolism of nutrients and utilization of other B complex vitamins. Biotin supports healthy hair, skin, nails, bone marrow and nerve and muscle tissue.
  • Folate – Vitamin B9, also called folic acid is very important before and during pregnancy as it helps to regulate embryonic and fetal nerve cell formation, which happens very early in pregnancy. Folate supports brain health, energy production, red and white blood cell production, and healthy cell division and replication.

Along with a multivitamin/mineral complex, water soluble, highly effective antioxidant Vitamin C is the most consumed nutritional supplement. Necessary for tissue growth and repair, collagen formation, adrenal function and wound healing, vitamin C must be obtained through the diet or supplementation.

  • Required for hundreds of metabolic functions, vitamin C works synergistically with other nutrients such as folic acid, beta carotene and vitamin E.
  • Vitamin C aids the formation and maintenance of bones and connective tissue, blood vessels and skin.
  • Recent studies show that vitamin C benefits cardiovascular health by reducing oxidative damage and lowering inflammation, seen as key to protecting against cardiovascular disease and the progression of atherosclerosis.
  • Vitamin C is believed to be cancer-protective by its abilities to fight free radicals and reduce cellular DNA damage. Vitamin C binds to heavy metals, aiding their elimination from the body, and helps to neutralize the effects of nitrate preservatives found in some processed foods.
  • By enhancing the absorption of iron, vitamin C helps the strengthen the body’s resistance to infection. Vitamin C supports healthy immune function by stimulating foreign invader fighting white blood cells, and protecting the integrity of immune cells.
  • Vitamin C has a positive effect on overall cholesterol levels, helping to raise HDL cholesterol and decrease LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  • Vitamin C aids in the management of H. pylori, a stomach acid-resistant bacteria that causes gastric distress and stomach ulcers.

Professional Supplement Center carries many quality brands that provide vitamins A, B and C:

Vitamin A 25,000 I.U. by Vital Nutrients

Vitamin A 25,000 IU by Vital Nutrients – One capsule provides 25,000 IU of vitamin A, sourced from fish liver oil, in support of proper immune function, vision health and the maintenance of skin and mucous membranes.


Vitamin A 25,000 I.U. (A97) by Thorne Research

Vitamin A 25,000 IU by Thorne Research – This high potency, stand-alone source of vitamin A provides support for healthy vision, cellular development and immune health. Gluten, soy and dairy free, Non-GMO vegetarian formulation.


Active B-Complex by Integrative Therapeutics

Active B complex by Integrative Therapeutics – This product provides a full complement of bioavailable B vitamins in support of neurotransmitter production, healthy mood, energy production, and overall wellness. Gluten, soy and dairy free, vegetarian formulation.


B Complex Plus by Pure EncapsulationsB Complex Plus by Pure Encapsulations – This popular product provides optimal bioavailable forms of all eight B vitamins in support of energy metabolism, nervous system function, hormone synthesis and a healthy GI tract. Gluten and soy free, Non-GMO vegetarian formulation.


Buffered Vitamin C Powder by Designs for HealthBuffered Vitamin C Powder by Designs for Health – This non-acidic vitamin C, buffered with calcium, magnesium and potassium, is formulated for support of immune health, adrenal function, collagen formation and cardiovascular health. Gluten, soy and dairy free, Non-GMO vegetarian formulation.


Liposomal Vitamin C by NuMedicaLiposomal Vitamin C by NuMedica – One teaspoon provides 1,000 mg of vitamin C delivered in phosphatidylcholine liposomes for optimal absorption and bioavailability in support of immune health, antioxidant protection and healthy collagen and connective tissue production. Gluten and soy free, vegetarian formulation.


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Featured Brand – Gem Elixirz

Gem_ElixirzSusan Brown Health and Wellness EditorProfessional Supplement Center now carries Gem Elixirz, a line of aromatherapy sprays made with high quality natural essential oils and semi-precious gemstones.  These sprays are meant to bring about transformation in specific areas of your life.  Included within each spray bottle are predrilled semi-precious stones that can be made into custom jewelry and worn as a transformation tool to assist your intentions.  Gem Elixirz were created by Dr. East Haradin, a licensed acupuncturist and professor of East Asian medicine, in response to patient and student requests.  Dr. Haradin’s Doctoral research was a clinical trial that tested the efficacy of acupuncture in combination with aromatherapy in treatment of stress.  Gem Elixirz are used in healthcare settings and are designed to empower people to reach their highest potential.

Video Gem Elixir

Gem Elixirz are intended for external use only and should be used with consistency over a period of time to reap the full benefits of the oils and stones.  To see the full line of Gem Elixirz Aromatherapy Sprays, please visit

Abundance Elixir Aromatherapy Spray by Gem ElixirzAbundance – Cinnamon, clove, frankincense, ginger, myrrh, orange, patchouli and spruce combine to attract abundance in all areas of your life.  This spray contains citrine, moss agate, peridot and tiger’s eye gemstones intended to attract prosperity and success, enhance self confidence and remove blocks to abundance.  According to the principles of Feng Shui, use Abundance in the west area of your home.

Sleep Elixir Aromatherapy Spray by Gem Elixirz


Sleep – Chamomile, lavender, sandalwood and clary sage combine to enhance deep, restful sleep and peaceful dreams.  This spray contains amethyst, hematite and labradorite gemstones to promote calmness, reduce insomnia and restore harmony to the body.


Shift Elixir Aromatherapy Spray by Gem Elixirz

Shift – Cypress, grapefruit, lavender, neroli, rose, sandalwood, ylang ylang, and clary sage combine to filter out negative energy and remove negative thoughts.  This spray contains aquamarine, calcite, rose quartz and jasper gemstones to harmonize surroundings, remove stagnant energy and infuse positive vibrations.  Use Shift in the south area of your home to attract positive recognition and release self-doubt.


Focus Elixir Aromatherapy Spray by Gem Elixirz

Focus – Jasmine, lavender, lemon and rosemary combine to enhance memory and concentration and increase focus.  This spray includes amethyst, Botswana agate and fluorite to support learning and quick thinking.  To be in alignment with your soul’s highest path, use Focus in the north area of your home.


Gem Elixirz Aromatherapy Health 5 Pack by Gem Elixirz

Aromatherapy 5 Pack – This boxed set of 5 aromatherapy sprays includes Sleep, Focus, Pain Relief, Calm and Immunity.  The set also includes a jewelry kit and mini brochure.


Something to Smile About

SmileJacquie Eubanks RN BSN



Clean teeth, fresh breath and healthy gums are useful indicators of good overall health. Unless a problem arises, or it’s time for a dental checkup, one might remain unaware of the importance of their oral health. Teeth and tissues age along with the body, requiring proper nutrition and daily maintenance throughout their lifetime. As we grow older, it becomes ever more important to maintain oral health, especially if one wishes to retain their dazzling smile and keep their mouth looking younger than their years. While teeth are amazingly strong, anyone who has had a cavity knows they are not indestructible. Proper bushing, daily flossing and regular checkups are necessary, not only to prevent cavities, halitosis and inflamed gum tissues, but also receding gums, loose teeth and tooth loss associated with periodontal disease, a chronic bacterial infection, that affects not only oral health, but general health as well.

The mouth is a major point of entry for viruses, pathogens and bacteria. As part of the immune system, the mouth is well equipped to handle this environment. Even so, the integrity of the tissues can become compromised, as poor oral hygiene can result in swollen, bleeding gums at any age. Many of us may think we are past our cavity prone years once we reach adulthood. However, as we approach middle age, teeth and tissues become more vulnerable. It’s common for gums to recede with age, exposing more of the tooth’s surface near the gum line. Because the root of a tooth is not protected by enamel, decay can quickly take hold. Many adults who have not previously had cavities may be surprised at their next checkup.

Although not considered a normal part of aging, dry mouth is a common cause of tooth decay and gum disease in older adults, who are more likely to be on medications. Many prescription and OTC medications list dry-mouth as a side effect. Discomfort aside, good saliva flow is necessary to maintain good oral health, neutralize acids from bacteria, lubricate the tissues and aid the digestive process. Because dry mouth can lead to oral health complications, those with noticeable symptoms should increase their fluid intake and see their dentist if the problem persists.

Oral health can be affected by medical conditions such as diabetes, acid reflux disease and eating disorders. Chronic offensive breath can be caused by several factors, including strong smelling foods, trapped food particles, dry mouth, organ diseases, digestive problems and diabetes. Those with diabetes need to take extra care with their dental health, as high blood sugar increases oral bacteria, leading to a higher risk of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is associated with an increased risk of heart disease and stroke, possibly a result of generalized chronic inflammation and bacteria from unhealthy gum tissues.

Risk factors for gum disease include age, medications, tobacco use, stress, genetics, inflammatory diseases and poor nutrition. A healthy nutritious diet can help to maintain oral health and strengthen the immune system, leading to better overall health. The following nutrients provide support for good oral health:

  • Magnesium helps to prevent cavities by building strong tooth enamel.
  • Calcium supports tooth enamel and bone health, including the jaw bone.
  • Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium to aid in tooth structure maintenance and bone health. Vitamin D deficiency can result in dry mouth.
  • Vitamin A supports tissue and mucous membrane health and helps maintain saliva flow, important for washing away food particles or harmful substances.
  • Vitamin C supports tissue health, helping to prevent gingivitis, an inflammation of the gum tissues that can result in painful, red, swollen and bleeding gums.
  • Zinc helps to prevent bacteria overgrowth, provides immune support and may lessen plaque buildup around the gum line.
  • Vitamins B1, B2 and B3 help to keep gum tissues healthy and strong, and reduce the risk of developing canker or other painful mouth sores.

To maintain oral health and sweet smelling breath:

  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day and eat a healthy nutritious diet, low in sugar and higher in protein, fruits, vegetables and nuts.
  • Brush 2 – 3 times per day with a soft bristled brush and be sure to brush along the gum line.
  • Floss daily to remove plaque and food particles that are not easily removed by brushing.
  • If you can’t brush, rinse. Swishing and rinsing removes trapped food particles.
  • Don’t smoke. Smoking contributes to gum disease, tooth decay and tooth loss.
  • Address dry mouth issues by frequently sipping water or using a number of OTC products, such as dry mouth gum, lozenges or mouthwash to address symptoms.
  • See your dentist as needed.

Professional Supplement Center carries these and other quality products that support good dental health:

Good-Gums by Good-Gums

Good-Gums by Good-Gums – This chemically-free tooth powder soothes sore gums, supports healthy gum function, neutralizes bacteria, and helps build strong tooth enamel. Non-abrasive, gluten free, Non-GMO botanical formula.


Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste by Puralex Health ProductsElgydium™ Whitening Toothpaste by Puralex Health Products – This unique formula provides extra-gentle, in-depth cleansing, helping to eliminate food and nicotine stains while protecting enamel. Internationally recognized for superior quality.


DentaVen by Premier Research LabsDentaVen™ by Premier Research Labs – This patented formula provides a highly desirable probiotic strain that colonizes and beneficially resides in the mouth in support of tooth and gum tissue health. Gluten and excipient free, Non-GMO formula.


Clovanol by North American Herb & Spice


Clovanol by North American Herb & Spice – This proprietary formula provides steam extracted clove oil often used in the dental field to support tooth and gum health. Non-GMO formulation.


HylaMints - Dry Mouth by HyalogicHylaMints – Dry Mouth by Hyalogic – These teeth friendly, moisture-supporting mints provide oral comfort, enhance salivary function and naturally balance oral moisture. Vegan friendly, gluten free formula.



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Featured Brand – Vital Nutrients

Vital_NutrientsSusan Brown Health and Wellness Editor



Vital Nutrients has a clear mission to promote good health by maintaining exceptionally high standards of quality assurance in the development and manufacture of their pharmaceutical grade, professional strength supplements. Their science-based, clinically effective, superior quality nutraceuticals provide the most synergistic and beneficial active ingredients to promote increased good health, wellbeing and vitality. Vital Nutrients takes pride in exceeding all pharmaceutical and government standards in the manufacture of their natural, research-based products designed for optimal product integrity and consistent clinical results.

Video Vital NEW

Raw materials are quarantined until independently tested for herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, heavy metals, dioxins, microorganisms, GMO’s and chemical residues. Products are manufactured in an energy efficient, FDA inspected cGMP facility without the use of binders, excipients or potential allergens. All finished products are tested for identity, authenticity, purity, potency, stability and expiration date validation. Because good health is “vital,” Vital Nutrients believes that nothing is more important than the quality of their supplements. Their efficacious products are available solely through healthcare professionals.

Based on customer reviews, here are some of our customers’ favorite products from Vital Nutrients:

BCQ by Vital NutrientsBCQ – This popular highly recommended product contains a powerful herbal combination blend that provides enhanced support for maintaining a healthy inflammatory response while reducing minor pain. Free of binders, gluten, yeast, dairy, sugar, soy and artificial ingredients.


Vitamin D3 2000 I.U. by Vital NutrientsVitamin D3 2000 IU – One capsule provides 2000 IU of bioavailable vitamin D3 as cholecalciferol in support of calcium absorption, bone health, colon health and the maintenance of healthy serum calcium levels. Vegetarian formulation. Free of binders, gluten, yeast, dairy, sugar and artificial ingredients.


Aller-C Quercetin & Bioflavonoids by Vital NutrientsAller-C Quercetin & Bioflavonoids – This potent and effective combination formula provides support for maintaining proper levels of enzymes and physiological factors needed for normal sinus and respiratory function. Free of binders, gluten, yeast, dairy, sugar, soy and artificial ingredients.


Triple Mag 250 mg by Vital NutrientsTriple Mag 250 mg – This 5 star-rated product supplies 3 forms of magnesium in support of numerous bodily functions, including nutrient metabolism, muscle function, healthy teeth and bone density maintenance. Free of binders, gluten, yeast, dairy, sugar, soy and artificial ingredients.


You Don’t Have to be Jewish to Like Kosher Supplements

KosherSusan Brown Health and Wellness Editor



With Passover right around the corner, those keeping kosher may not be aware that Professional Supplement Center carries many high quality brands that manufacture kosher-certified supplements. For some, the laws of kashrut, Jewish dietary restrictions, are observed not only during Passover but are strictly followed year round. In regard to supplementation, these dietary laws stipulate that those in good health, who take vitamins or supplements for prevention purposes or to support their overall wellness, should preferably take kosher-certified products when available. In short, kosher certification identifies products that are proper for consumption under strict kashrut guidelines.

Kosher certification is provided by a third-party certifying Jewish agency. A representative of that agency thoroughly inspects every aspect of the manufacturing facility and processes, including the sourcing of raw materials, ingredient adherence to Kosher guidelines and the final finished products. Depending on the product, Rabbinical supervision ensures that the finished product is compliant with kosher laws. Kosher certification ensures that no ineligible ingredients are utilized, such as those derived from shellfish. While there are additional restrictions for the observant during Passover, Jews and non-Jews alike are partial to kosher-certified supplements for their purity, quality, safety and strict manufacturing compliance.

Professional Supplement Center carries these and other quality brands that provide kosher certified products:

MegaFood® – MegaFood® sources whole foods from organic and sustainable farmers and tests all foods and ingredients throughout the manufacturing process to ensure optimal purity and nutrient content. All of their formulas are vegetarian, herbicide and pesticide free, and Non-GMO. Many are certified-kosher by OK Kosher Certification, a recognized global leader for kosher standards and integrity, assuring the processes and systems are compliant with the highest standards and regulations.  20% OFF All MegaFood products!

Solgar® – Solgar® has manufactured fine quality, well-researched, science-based nutritional supplements for over 60 years. From their state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, high quality control standards, on-site stringent testing, to their air and water purification systems, Solgar® sets the standards for excellence in manufacturing to provide consumers with the highest quality nutritional products to promote optimal health. Products are certified kosher by KOF-K Kosher Supervision, a highly respected international organization.

NOW Foods –  Family owned NOW Foods has provided high quality, affordable nutritional products since its inception in 1948, and currently manufactures many kosher-certified products under rigorous and highly sanitary production methods. Their manufacturing facilities, equipment, ingredients and products are inspected by a rabbi from Triangle K for conformance to kosher guidelines. NOW has a number of kosher products currently available and is actively pursuing certification for additional products.  30% OFF All Now Foods Products

Organic India – Organic India™ believes that true and total wellness is more than just a lack of illness; it’s about “vibrancy, purpose, harmony, health and happiness,” and consciously choosing to take responsibility for your own true wellness. Their entire line of exceptional quality products is Fairtrade, certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified and kosher-certified. From seed to sowing, from cultivation to harvesting, from processing to production, Organic India™ is committed to integrity, accountability and responsibility to Holistic Quality Assurance and complete mind, body and spirt wellness.

Enzymedica – Since 1998, Enzymedica has designed and manufactured high potency, pure and effective enzyme supplements formulated for targeted support for common digestive discomforts, food intolerances, proper immune functions and healthy inflammatory responses. All of their formulas are 100% vegetarian, Non-GMO and many utilize vegan and certified-kosher ingredients.

To see the complete list of kosher-certified products, please visit

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Conquering Food Cravings

FoodCravingsJacquie Eubanks RN BSN



One might wonder why certain unhealthy foods appear irresistible, even when we know that food cravings are not justified by hunger. Food cravings are not about providing ourselves with the healthy foods we need for nourishment and energy production. Ultra-processed foods, that comprise a sizable portion of the standard American diet, are intended to stimulate the appetite and are designed for overconsumption. Refined foods are purposely formulated to be hyper-palatable, meaning that in addition to excessively pleasing our taste buds, they are uniquely fattening and addicting. These food products not only stimulate the appetite, they stimulate the brain’s powerful reward centers, making it difficult to simply overcome a desire to control negative eating patterns. A true compulsive food craving dominates one’s attention, and may have more to do with the brain’s intense desire for dopamine.

What You Food Cravings Mean

Research has shown specific ingredients in ultra-processed foods have abuse potential similar to that of addictive drugs, which affect specific neurotransmitter receptors in the brain. High glycemic index processed foods cause the release of neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin and endorphins, natural opiates we call the “feel good chemicals.” Studies have shown that increased production of neurotransmitters results in a short lived but intense feeling of reward similar to that of other highly addictive substances. Science has shown that continued overconsumption of sweeteners and highly processed foods perpetuates cravings and leads to tolerance, requiring more and more of these foods to create the same mood altering effects.

Although we may resolve not to repeat past episodes of binging on junk foods, many of us repeatedly do just that. When food cravings become food addictions, our ability to make healthy choices diminishes. While some people are more predisposed than others to addictive behaviors, in general, food cravings are not about will vs. will power. According to Kay Sheppard, author of Food Addiction: The Body Knows, “Refined food addiction involves the compulsive pursuit of a mood change by engaging repeatedly in episodes of binge eating despite adverse consequences.” We may find our resistance to these foods is lower when we are dieting and severely limiting calories or restricting entire food groups. Or, we may find ourselves binging on ultra-processed foods when we are bored, tired, stressed, lonely or sad.

Healthy eaters are able to eat nourishing foods with enjoyment and know they are supporting their health by making good choices. This doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a slice of birthday cake or an occasional ice cream cone. It means they are able to eat controlled portions mindfully, stopping after a small bag of chips or a few cookies, as opposed to devouring the entire package. The question remains, how do you break the addictive health-threatening behavior and become one of those healthy restrained eaters? Begin by following these tips and be patient. Although conquering food cravings is difficult and cravings will not disappear overnight, they can be overcome. The first crucial step is to avoid addictive foods. Reestablishing a healthy eating plan will help to diminish cravings and eventually break the addiction cycle.

When your body craves certain foods, it may be seeking out the nutrients lacking in the diet. If you are craving chocolate or sweets, you may be low in magnesium, chromium or phosphorus.  If you are seeking out fatty foods, you may be deficient in calcium. If salty foods are your snack of choice, you may be low in chloride.

  • To conquer food cravings and improve nutrition, replace refined food products with healthier whole nutrient dense foods. Instead of eating potato chips, for example, eat a baked potato, which will provide fiber, resistant starch and nutrients, such as antioxidants, vitamins B and C, potassium and magnesium that support good health, increase satiety and help reduce cravings.
  • Beware of trigger foods. Eating sweet and salty foods at any time of day, especially between meals, can increase the desire for more of these foods. Try eating protein and fiber at every meal and snack to increase satiety and moderate the blood sugar response.
  • Drink more water. Many of us not only confuse hunger with thirst, we simply get used to feeling dehydrated. As we age, the thirst sensation decreases and as the body seeks out hydration, we tend to eat instead of satisfying thirst. Water provides essential sustenance and sensory reward. Be sure to get your share to meet your needs and reduce excess calorie consumption.
  • Make a concerted effort to get sufficient sleep. Studies show that insufficient sleep reduces levels of the hormone leptin, which signals satiety, and increases levels of ghrelin, which triggers appetite. Additionally, when you are sleep deprived, your levels of the stress hormone cortisol rise, negatively affecting not only appetite but overall healthy function.
  • When a craving hits, seek out distractions. While easier said than done, distractions can work, as cravings are simply that. Cravings don’t last long term and generally dissipate after ten or fifteen minutes. Find something else to do until the craving passes and you’ve conquered it.

Professional Supplement Center carries these and other high quality products to support your quest to reduce food cravings:

Sweet Defense™Sweet Defense™ by Enzymatic Therapy – This multi-glandular, vitamin and mineral complex helps to reduce sugar cravings and supplies necessary nutrients for blood glucose, carbohydrate and energy metabolism. Ingredients include chromium, shown to help maintain fasting glucose and triglyceride levels already within the normal range. Gluten, dairy and soy free formulation.

CraveArrest – This product is formulated balance the production of dopamine and serotonin to aid appetite control and reduce cravings. The adaptogen rhodiola rosea is included to aid the stress response and cortisol production. Gluten, soy and dairy free, Non-GMO vegetarian formulation.

SlimStyles PGX
SlimStyles PGX by Natural Factors – This clinically proven formula provides a blend of highly purified soluble fibers to help reduce appetite, curb food cravings and promote glucose balance. Dairy, wheat and yeast free formulation.  15% OFF!


Only Trace MineralsOnly Trace Minerals by Life Extension – This mineral booster provides nutrients that may be lacking in the diet including chromium, which plays an important role in maintaining healthy blood glucose levels and vanadyl, which promotes healthy glucose metabolism already within the normal range. 15% OFF!


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Featured Brand – Dr. Christopher’s Formulas 15% OFF

Dr_ChristophersSusan Brown Health and Wellness Editor



Founded in 1945 by Dr. John R. Christopher, ND, MH, Dr. Christopher’s Formulas’ mission has always been and remains to provide whole herb, non-extracted dietary supplements. To assure perfect synergistic balance, Dr. Christopher’s utilizes 100% pure herbals and botanicals with active ingredients in proportion to those found in nature. Dr. Christopher’s original formulas are designed to cleanse, nourish and heal the body and, as such, the sourcing of high quality wildcrafted and organic herbs is of utmost importance. These time tested formulas, manufactured under the highest quality control standards, deliver the best that nature has to offer to restore, purify and strengthen the body through proper nourishment.

All ingredients are tested from their raw material state, through the manufacturing process, to the finished product, to verify identity and to detect contaminants, pesticides, heavy metals, mold, yeast and microbials. Dr. Christopher’s Formulas are produced in an FDA inspected facility and are manufactured to meet or exceed all current good manufacturing quality standards (cGMPs). No natural or synthetic chemicals, added fillers, flow agents or GMO ingredients are ever utilized.

To see the full line of products from Dr. Christopher’s Formulas, please visit

Herbal Cough Syrup – This synergistic blend of herbals and botanicals is traditionally used to calm and soothe coughs. Ingredients include wild cherry bark, licorice root, horehound herb, ginger root and organic lemon peel. Kosher, vegetarian formulation.  15% OFF


Cayenne Heat Ointment – This heat producing proprietary ointment provides a synergistic blend of Cayenne pepper and pure essential oils formulated for the temporary relief of minor muscle soreness and joint discomfort.  Kosher, vegetarian formulation.  15% OFF

Sinus Plus Formula – This synergistic blend of whole herbs provides natural respiratory system support for the temporary relief of symptoms relating to congestion, allergies, runny nose and sinus pressure. Kosher, vegetarian formulation.  15% OFF


Complete Tissue and Bone Formula Massage Oil – This time-tested, therapeutic massage oil provides a synergistic herbal blend, in a base of extra virgin olive oil and wheat germ oil, in support of reduced inflammation, decreased post-workout soreness, and muscle injury and trauma recovery. Kosher, vegetarian formulation.  15% OFF



Hawthorn Berry Heart Syrup – This proprietary heart tonic has been used traditionally to provide specific nutrients to help restore optimal heart health. Ingredients include fresh wildcrafted hawthorn berries. Kosher, vegetarian formulation.  15% OFF


Our Life Sustaining Lymphatic System

LymphaticSystemJacquie Eubanks RN BSN



Unless one comes down with an illness or an infection that results in swelling of the lymph nodes, one is unlikely to be aware of the importance of the daily functions of the lymphatic system. Would it surprise you to know that the lymphatic system provides support for the immune, digestive, detoxification and nervous systems, and plays a major role in illness prevention and injury recovery? Similar to the way our circulatory system moves oxygen and nutrient rich blood throughout the body, the lymphatic system’s extensive network of vessels carries lymph fluid, largely composed of mineral-rich water, proteins and infection-fighting specialized white blood cells, to our cells, tissues and organs and carries away toxins, dead cells and waste materials.

The heart, as part of the circulatory system, pumps blood throughout the body and returns it to the lungs, where blood is re-oxygenated and carbon dioxide is expelled. Dissimilar to the circulatory systems, lymphatic vessels carry fluid in one direction only, away from the tissues and towards the heart. Amazingly, the lymphatic system moves fluid throughout the body without active pumping, relying on the movement of our muscles and the action of lymph vessel walls and valves to control the movement of the lymph fluid. Vessels connect the lymphatic system, which consists of hundreds of lymph nodes, the bone marrow and the lymphatic organs–the tonsils, thymus and spleen.

The lymph nodes generate and store white blood cells and function as filters, cleansing the fluid of debris. The tonsils play a defensive role against bacteria and pathogens entering the body through the nose and mouth. The thymus stores immature lymphocytes until needed and then activates specialized white blood cells, known as T cells, to fight infected or cancerous cells. When the spleen detects bacteria or viruses, it creates lymphocytes, white blood cells that produce antibodies to fight foreign invaders or prevent infections from spreading. Although bone marrow is not considered lymphatic tissue, it is a part of the lymphatic system, as it holds the responsibility for maturation of antibody-producing B cell lymphocytes.

With all this going on, what could possibly go wrong? When the lymphatic system is functioning optimally, we stay healthy. When we are ill, it helps us regain our health. If the lymphatic system is overburdened or sluggish, it can lead to impaired immunity and result in fluid retention, chronic infections and inflammatory conditions. If it becomes dysfunctional, such as with a blockage, inflammation or an infection in the nodes, ducts, vessels or lymph tissues, it can lead to disorders.

  • Lymphedema – This occurs when there is an obstruction that results in fluid buildup in the tissues. Elevation, compression and physical therapy are common treatments for lymphedema.
  • Lymphadenopathy – This can lead to enlargement of the lymph nodes, such as when we are diagnosed with swollen glands resulting from a throat infection. Swollen glands that last more than a week or two require a medical diagnosis, as swelling can be symptomatic of other conditions, such as infectious mononucleosis or tonsillitis. Infections are largely treated with antibiotics or antivirals.

In addition to its immune functions, the lymphatic system maintains fluid homeostasis and facilitates the absorption of fats and fat soluble nutrients in the digestive system. You can help to keep your lymphatic system functioning optimally by choosing nutritious foods over convenience, drinking adequate amounts of water and participating in regular physical activity.

  • Eat a clean diet, not only for overall health, but to reduce the body’s toxic load. Avoid sugar laden, ultra-processed foods to ease the burden on the lymphatic system, the liver and the kidneys. Eat lots of enzyme-filled raw fruits and vegetables for their lymph cleansing benefits and to support proper digestion and elimination.
  • Drink sufficient water daily, as proper hydration is critical to keep lymph fluid moving. Dehydration is a common cause of lymph congestion.
  • Supplementation with proteolytic enzymes can support the normal metabolic functions of bodily enzymes and assist lymphatic flow, helping to clear toxic waste and debris in the circulatory and lymphatic systems.
  • Exercise, such as brisk walking, stimulates lymph flow, aiding the muscles in moving fluid against gravity. Additionally, lying on your back with your legs up against the wall will reverse the flow of gravity to maximize lymphatic circulation in the lower body.
  • Gentle massage helps to stimulate and move stagnant lymph. Lymphatic massage specifically targets and stimulates the movement of lymph fluid and helps to lessen the toxic burden on the lymphatic system.
  • Dry brushing your skin is a common technique used in Ayurvedic medicine to boost circulation and assist lymphatic flow. Lightly brush the skin in the direction of your heart to encourage movement of lymph, facilitate blood flow and help clear out toxins.

Professional Supplement Center offers these and other fine products to aid and support lymphatic health and function:



Protrypsin™ by Metagenics – This premium proteolytic enzyme formula is designed to support tissue health. Tablets are enteric coated for maximum effectiveness. Gluten free, Non-GMO formulation.


SerralaseSerralase™ by ProThera® –  This product supplies potent vegetarian proteolytic enzymes for broad systemic support for tissue repair processes and a healthy inflammatory response. This highly active formula helps to modulate tissue restorative processes and breaks down cellular debris after injury, surgery, infection or allergen exposure. Enteric coated, gluten, dairy and soy free formulation


Best Proteolytic Enzymes
Best Proteolytic Enzymes by Doctor’s Best – This exceptionally potent, high quality formula provides a broad spectrum of vegetarian proteolytic enzymes to support the body’s enzymatic metabolic functions. Gluten free formulation.


Intenzyme Forte (Proteolytic Enzymes)
Intenzyme Forte (Proteolytic Enzymes) by Biotics Research – This broad spectrum proteolytic enzyme formula supports numerous metabolic, physiologic and biochemical processes including healthy digestive, immune and circulatory function. Gluten free formulation.


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Featured Brand – Nordic Naturals (15% OFF!)

NordicNaturalsJacquie Eubanks RN BSN



For over 20 years, vision driven and family owned Nordic Naturals has been committed to delivering safe and effective omega oils worldwide. To this day, their mission remains to produce superior quality, great tasting, award winning omega-3 fish oil in true, highly absorbable triglyceride form for enhanced utilization. To ensure consistent quality, Nordic® Naturals adheres to and exceeds European Pharmacopoeia Standards (EPS), as well as the voluntary standards of the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) and the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3 (GOED). Their enzymatic and oxygen-free processing technologies ensure the integrity and exceptional freshness of the fish oil and assures no fishy odor, taste or aftertaste.

Video Nordic Naturals

Nordic® Naturals is deeply committed to the health of the oceans and, as such, utilizes only wild caught, sustainably sourced fish in compliance with the Norwegian fisheries management system. Years of research have led to the use of the natural stabilizers vitamin E and rosemary extract to best preserve and enhance the long-term freshness of the oils. Every batch is third party tested for contaminants and environmental toxins, including heavy metals, dioxins and PCB’s. As it relates to flavoring, taste, efficacy, purity, freshness, concentration and sustainability, Nordic® Naturals was ranked the #1 fish oil brand in Norway.

Based on our customer reviews, here are some of our customer’s favorite products from Nordic® Naturals:

ProOmega Lemon 1000 mgProOmega® Lemon 1000 mg – This popular, high potency omega-3 formula has been shown to clinically support cardiovascular health and the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response.  Double strength EPA and DHA provide increased therapeutic support for organ health, joint mobility and overall wellness. Gluten free, Non-GMO, naturally lemon flavored formulation.

Nordic Omega-3 GummiesNordic Omega-3 Gummies™ – Suitable for children aged 2 and older, these chewy fish oil gummies provide support for brain, eye, nervous system and immune system development. Natural tangerine flavor, fruit and vegetable colors and sweetened with organic sugar. No artificial coloring, flavoring or preservatives.  Gluten, yeast and milk derivative free, Non-GMO formulation.

DHA Junior - StrawberryDHA Junior® – Strawberry – Sourced from Arctic cod liver oil, these pearl sized, natural strawberry flavored soft gels are suitable for children aged 3 and older to support proper development of the brain, eyes, nervous system and immune system. This formula includes healthy levels of 100% natural vitamins A and D. These great tasting, gluten free, Non-GMO, naturally flavored and naturally preserved soft gels may be chewed or swallowed for easy dosing.

Omega-3 Pet Soft Gels For Dogs (VETERINARY PRODUCT)Omega-3 Pet™ Soft Gels for Dogs – Derived exclusively from wild anchovies and sardines, these soft gels provide an excellent source of EPA and DHA for optimal pet health support. Omega-3 fatty acids support cellular, immune, joint, heart, brain, eye and skin and coat health. Naturally preserved, Non-GMO formulation.

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What Is Cellular Health?

CellularHealthJacquie Eubanks RN BSN



One might wonder how many cells make up the human body. While the question appears simple, the answer most certainly is not. Cells are not uniform in size or in density. Red blood cells, for example, are tightly packed, while skin cells are much less dense. Dependent upon whether cell numbers are estimated by weight or by volume, the answers are entirely different.  Scientists have determined, however, that the body comprises approximately 37.2 trillion cells, each with a particular function, including 2 billion heart muscle cells, 50 billion fat cells and the 240 billion cells that comprise a healthy liver. While cells are individual in structure, they work synergistically to support and maintain all vital bodily processes. Whether one has good health or poor health is determined at the cellular level.

Put this into perspective and one may realize the importance of good nutrition, as without adequate nutrients normal cellular functions become impaired and eventually health suffers. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, trace elements and other nutrients are necessary to support the thousands of biochemical reactions taking place in every cell that drive all human bodily functions. Every process–from the beating of the heart, to breathing, to walking, to brain function, to immune response–is supported by energy produced in the cells’ mitochondria. This chemical energy, known as adenosine triphosphate or ATP, is essentially the energy currency that we spend to support life.

As we age, our cells age along with us. All cells eventually reach the end of their lifespan, and lose their ability to function normally or cease to function altogether. While many of us may be concerned about outward signs of aging, the health of our aging cells, is also impacted and directly influenced by many factors, including nutrition, genetics, oxidative stress, illness, physical activity, environmental factors and personal lifestyle choices. Cellular aging eventually results in a slow decline in cellular energy production, resulting in a cellular energy deficit that leaves us vulnerable to degenerative age-related chronic diseases. According to the well-respected Linus Pauling Institute, “Age-related declines in mitochondrial function combined with increases in oxidant production are believed to be important contributors to the adverse effects of aging.”

Over time, nutrient deficiencies cause long-term DNA damage to the cells, and that damage is believed to be a cause of chronic illnesses and cancers. The human body, in its amazing ability to survive, addresses short term nutritional deficiencies by taking what it needs from other parts of the body. Vitamin D, for instance, is necessary for normal calcium metabolism. When one is vitamin D deficient, calcium is not properly absorbed. Consequently, the body takes calcium from bones, leaving one more susceptible to developing osteoporosis. Statistics show a very small percentage of us get even the minimum amount of recommended daily nutrients, let alone the proper amounts the human body requires to support cellular energy production and optimal wellness.

Scientific evidence has shown that addressing cellular energy production with adequate nutrition may help to prevent or reverse infirmities associated with the aging process. Research shows that increased cellular energy production helps the body to function at optimal levels. The heart has a high concentration of mitochondria within with heart cells to produce the   tremendous amount of energy required to meet the heart’s huge energy demands. While the heart is susceptible to free-radical oxidative stress and premature aging, it is also responsive to targeted nutritional support. Nutrients such as CoQ10, L-carnitine and D-ribose help to maximize the amount of oxygen the heart can extract from the blood, supporting conversion of nutrients into energy.

Cellular nutrition is actually good preventive medicine. Providing optimal levels of antioxidants and supporting vitamins and minerals can help to protect your health by reducing oxidative stress and addressing the root cause of chronic degenerative disease. Nutrients that help to support cellular health and optimize cellular energy production include:

CoQ10 – Necessary for the conversion of energy from carbohydrates and fats into ATP energy used by the cells, CoQ10 plays an important role in mitochondrial energy production and functions as an antioxidant in mitochondrial membranes.

D-Ribose – This simple 5-sided sugar supports ATP production in the cardiac and skeletal muscle and aids the heart’s muscle contraction. Documented research supports the benefits of D-ribose for enhanced physical strength, greater endurance and less free radical stress during strenuous exercise.

Acetyl L-Carnitine – Especially helpful for the skeletal and the cardiac muscles which use fatty acids for fuel, this amino acid aids cellular energy production by transporting long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondrial matrix where oxidation occurs.

Antioxidants – Antioxidants such as Vitamins C and E, glutathione and alpha lipoic acid work within the plasma, the cell membrane and within the cell to help reduce free radial damage resulting from oxidative stress and energy production.

Professional Supplement Center carries these and other fine quality supplements to support cellular health and energy production:

D-RiboseD-Ribose by Designs for Health – Used by all living cells as an essential compound in cellular energy production, D-Ribose is necessary for ATP synthesis that supports normal health and function. One daily serving provides 5 g of D-Ribose for adequate energy enhancement. Gluten, soy and dairy free, Non-GMO vegetarian formulation.


Bio-D-Mulsion Forte
Bio-D-Mulsion Forte by Biotics Research – One drop provides 2,000 IU of vitamin D, as cholecalciferol, in a concentrated micro-emulsion formula for enhanced utilization and absorption. Gluten free.



Endogenous Antioxidants & CofactorsEndogenous Antioxidants & Cofactors by Pharmax – Formulated for good health maintenance, this broad spectrum product helps to boost levels of the whole range of cellular antioxidants, including glutathione, ALA, Vitamins C and E, and CoQ10. Vegetarian formula.


Acetyl L-Carnitine 500 mg (82730-)Acetyl L-Carnitine by Douglas Labs – One serving provides 500 mg of naturally occurring L-carnitine, shown to maintain cellular membrane stability, aid restoration of age-related membranal changes and provide antioxidant protection. Gluten, soy and dairy free formulation.



Ubiquinol CoQ10Ubiquinol CoQ10 by Bioclinic Naturals – This highly absorbable and bioavailable form of CoQ10 performs well established roles as a free radical scavenger in mitochondrial and lipid membranes and as an electron carrier essential to cellular respiration and ATP production. Gluten free, Non-GMO formulation.


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