Super Bowl Flu

SuperbowlFluJacquie Eubanks RN BSN



If you’re heading out to a Super Bowl party, you may want to skip the dip. People who double dip at parties during flu season appear to be spreading the influenza virus. Although this year’s flu season is predicted to be a relatively mild one, a Tulane University study published in the American Journal of Health Economics found that cities who had teams in the Super Bowl typically see an 18% rise in flu transmissions and an increase in flu deaths in the high risk over age 65 populations. The study found that fans whose teams are in the game are more likely to attend a party and crowd into small bars, living rooms or other close quarters, prime settings for transmitting the virus. The study also found the same does not hold true for the city hosting the Super Bowl, as the game is usually played in warmer climates in an environment less favorable to flu transmission.

Super Bowl Sunday is a big party day even when you’re not all that interested in the game. Food is a huge part of Super Bowl celebrations and people often bring dishes to share. Touching serving utensils that are used by everyone can also help to spread the virus, so frequent hand washing is essential. And watch how you handle those chips and dips. Double dipping is a serious no-no, but it’s not only the double dipping that spreads the flu virus, it’s the close contact at the height of flu season. Coughing, sneezing, talking, cheering in support or shouting in frustration can spread the flu virus to others up to 6 feet away.

You may come home disappointed if your team doesn’t win, but you definitely don’t want to come home with the flu. To help prevent getting or spreading the flu, practice good hygiene and be mindful of others.

  • The flu is highly contagious and can be spread beginning one day before symptoms develop and up to 7 days after becoming sick
  • If you are sick, do yourself and everyone else a favor and watch the game at home
  • The best preventative is frequent hand washing with lots of soap and water
  • If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol based hand sanitizer
  • To avoid spreading the virus, completely cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze and wash your hands afterward
  • Avoid touching your face during flu season

Professional Supplement Center offers these and other fine products that provide temporary relief of symptoms associated with colds and flu:

ReBoost Cold/Flu Relief (Reformulation of ReBoost Flu by Heel)ReBoost Cold/Flu Relief by MediNatura – This non-drowsy formula supplies natural homeopathic support for the temporary relief of multiple minor flu symptoms such as body aches, cough, fatigue and headache.


Clear Cold and FluClear Cold and Flu™ by Clear Products, Inc. – This combination formula provides homeopathic and botanical ingredients in easy to swallow capsules for natural relief of symptoms associated with the common cold and flu. Gluten free.


Hevert Cold & Flu ReliefHevert Cold & Flu Relief by Hevert Pharmaceuticals – Use at the first sign of cold and flu symptoms for the temporary relief of runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, fever and body aches. Non-drowsy homeopathic formula.


Sinol - M Headache Relief

Sinol–M Cold & Flu Relief by Sinol USA – This all natural homeopathic nasal spray provides fast relief from headaches, congestion, fever, sneezing and runny nose.


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Featured Product – Good-Gums®

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Designed to support healthy gum tissues and teeth, Good-Gums® is an all natural vitamin, mineral and herbal dentifrice powder that counteracts bacterial plaque formation, soothes the gum tissues and neutralizes the acidic environment favored by plaque. Formulated to be more than an alternative to toothpaste, the primary role of Good-Gums® is to support the development and maintenance of healthy oral tissues, while gently removing plaque that can cause dental and periodontal problems. The natural ingredients promote the body’s innate ability to heal and rebuild inflamed or receding tissues.

Video Good Gums

Free of the artificial and chemical ingredients and preservatives found in other toothpaste formulas, Good-Gums® contains potent dry ingredients intended to be placed directly on the gum tissues. Gentle massaging with a toothbrush allows for the absorption of the acid-neutralizing, cleansing and disinfecting ingredients, which include:

  • Myrrh, an antiseptic, antimicrobial and astringent used traditionally as an effective substance for sore or inflamed tissues.
  • Peppermint for its antibacterial properties and ability to help soothe painful, inflamed gum tissues.
  • Baking soda, a natural, non-toxic, cleanser, which counteracts and neutralizes the oral bacteria that contributes to plaque formation.
  • Unrefined, mineral and magnesium-rich French sea salt to provide for low abrasive cleansing, while allowing for natural saliva re-mineralization.
  • Vitamin C and Bioflavonoid complex to aid the healing and growth of connective tissues.
  • Tea tree leaf, which has been clinically shown to prohibit strains of oral bacteria from adhering and forming a plaque film. Tea tree has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antifungal and analgesic properties.
  • Packed with antioxidants, Cranberry helps to prevent the adhesion of microbes to the gum tissues.
  • Cinnamon, for taste and aroma, as well as its antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal and pain relieving properties, which can be beneficial for sore gum tissues.

Good-Gums by Good-Gums
Good-Gums® leaves your mouth with a refreshingly clean feeling. Good-Gums® contains no additional ingredients, flavoring, colorings or harsh abrasives. The formula is gluten, soy and dairy free and Non-GMO.  Shop Now

Living to 100

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Why do people in some societies stay spry well into their 90’s, while in other parts of the world people’s health may begin to deteriorate well before their 70th birthday? Are there secrets to living a long and healthy life? If we want to live longer, energetic, disease-free lives, some might wonder whether there is an optimal longevity formula, a fountain of youth, so to speak. In actuality, scientists say that 30% of your life span is dictated by your genes, and the remaining 70% is attributed to your lifestyle and the influence of environment on your genetic expression. In the U.S., you have a one in five thousand chance of living to 100. But, in a few small areas of the world, those chances are better than good and parallels can be drawn between these very different societies.

Science tells us that the human body has a limited life expectancy of approximately 90 years. Why, then, does the average American reach the end of their capacity for life at a much younger 78 years of age? If, by following a healthy lifestyle, you could reclaim those 12 or more years, would you change your priorities, take better care of yourself, pay more attention to your diet, become more physically active or be more social? Because apparently in three small areas of the world, citizens do exactly that. It’s not at all unusual to find centenarians who reside in Silenus, a small community in the mountains of central Sardinia, Italy, or live on one small island in the archipelago of Okinawa, Japan and in a segment of Seventh Day Adventists residing in Loma Linda, California. Residents of these tiny areas of the globe have some of the longest life expectancies in the world.

Not only do these active residents enjoy extraordinary longevity, they live relatively free of disabling and life shortening chronic diseases. When you hear how they live their everyday lives, you may think, “Hey, that’s no secret. Everyone knows that.” The difference here is that while we may know it, they actually live it and their healthy lifestyles are paying off in healthy years. How many of us could say we look forward to holding our great, great, great grandchild? Some Okinawans can and do. What can we learn from these seemingly ageless societies where people work hard but life is simple? Author Dan Buettner teamed up with the National Institute on Aging and National Geographic magazine to find out.

In the highlands of Sardinia, vigorous centenarians still walk or bike to work each day and are active from dusk to dawn. Their remote mountain villages have helped to preserve a traditional way of life that encourages longevity. They chop wood and hike for miles each day to tend their flocks of sheep. They grow grapes and make their own polyphenol rich wine and grow fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes, eggplant and fava beans. They drink goat’s milk and eat omega-3 rich local cheese made from the milk of pasture raised sheep. Elderly people live with their extended families and participate in family life, which research shows is life extending for everyone, from grandparents to grandchildren. They drink wine in moderation and socialize with friends on a regular basis.

The Okinawans are among the world’s healthiest and longest lived people. There is no such thing as retirement and they awaken every day with a sense of purpose. The elderly family members are respected for their wisdom and Okinawan women are often respected spiritual leaders, contributing to their reason for living. They garden and spend time outdoors every day, raising colorful vegetables and herbs, high in natural antioxidants. They eat much more tofu than meat, eat small servings and stop eating when they are 80% full. They maintain lifelong social networks and often negotiate life’s ups and downs with friends they have known all their lives.

The Seventh Day Adventist woman of Loma Linda has a life expectancy of 89 years, a full decade longer than the average American woman. And men can expect to live 11 years longer than average. They eat a Bible-based vegetarian diet filled with greens, beans, nuts and seeds. Consistent daily walks are a part of their lifestyle. They take a 24 hour Sabbath each week and focus on family, their religion and nature. They spend their time with like-minded people in their community who support their proactive healthy lifestyles. They volunteer and give back to the community.

What the citizens of all three areas, known as Blue Zones, have in common:

  • They are active every day from morning to night.
  • They are very socially engaged.
  • They eat a largely plant based diet.
  • They don’t smoke.
  • They celebrate and respect their aged family members.
  • They put family first and surround themselves with friends, all of whom have a similar lifestyle and sense of purpose.

With our American lifestyles, we’re not likely to raise sheep or grow our own foods, but we can take some lessons from our wise and worldly neighbors. To live healthier– eat nutritiously, be physically active, drink moderately, be socially connected, spend time in nature, maintain a healthy weight and don’t smoke and you might just add those 12 lost years back into your own lifespan.

Professional Supplement Center offers these and other high quality supplements to support healthy longevity:

Finest Pure Fish Oil with Essential Oil of OrangeFinest Pure Fish Oil with Essential Oil of Orange by Pharmax – This ultra-pure omega-3 fish oil provides high concentrations of EPA and DHA in support of healthy cognitive function, cardiovascular, nerve and ocular health and overall wellness. Naturally flavored and preserved. No fishy odor or taste.

Resveratrol UltraResveratrol Ultra by Integrative Therapeutics – This proprietary formula provides a powerful antioxidant to help counter the effects of free radicals and supports cellular and cardiovascular health. Gluten, dairy and yeast free.


Ultra Anti-Oxidant (7470)Ultra Anti-Oxidant by Douglas Laboratories – This product provides a wide spectrum of nutritional antioxidants along with synergistic nutrients that effectively participate in the body’s antioxidant defense systems. Gluten, soy, dairy and yeast free.


Phyto Greens PowderPhyto Greens Powder by Genestra – This high potency formula provides a broad spectrum of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, digestive enzymes, fruits and vegetables for proper detoxification and optimal nutritional status. Vegetarian formulation.


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Exercise as Preventive Medicine

ExerciseMedicineJacquie Eubanks RN BSN



An abundance of scientific evidence shows that exercise provides both short and long term physical and mental health benefits. Yet, even though we know physical activity can actually make us feel better almost immediately, it’s still hard for many of us to find the time and the motivation to exercise regularly. When we realize that we are in control of our lifestyle choices and that those choices can either positively or negatively influence our health, we may begin to see the benefits of “self-medicating” with exercise. No matter what activity we choose, as soon as movement begins, the body responds within seconds by increasing the heart rate, burning calories for fuel and delivering blood and oxygen to the muscles. And, as if by magic, we get an immediate boost in mood.

Well, not magic exactly, but exercise is a very essential part of good body function and a very good way to combat stress. Why? Because exercise helps to deplete stress hormones and releases mood enhancing chemicals known as endorphins and neurotransmitters. When you feel you are just too tired to exercise, you may very well be experiencing the negative effects of stress. Chronic stress that results in higher levels of continually circulating cortisol has been shown to be highly deleterious to adrenal, thyroid, immune and cognitive functions and has been linked to sleep disruption, elevated blood pressure and blood sugar imbalances. Endorphins help to combat these negative effects by increasing energy, relieving pain, enhancing the immune response and elevating our mood.

Tailoring your exercise needs to your stress level can help to ensure both short and long term physiological benefits. Even a single high intensity exercise session will stimulate the release of natural pain-relieving endorphins that help to minimize discomfort by activating opioid receptors in the brain. For many of us, 30 minutes of daily exercise will help reduce our stress load. Those who are chronically stressed may find they need to work out harder or longer to receive comparable benefits. And those neurotransmitters? Increased production of serotonin and norepinephrine during exercise are believed to help reduce stress, depression and anxiety.

According to sports and exercise psychologist J. Kip Matthews. Ph.D., “Exercise gives the body a chance to streamline the systems involved in the stress response.” In other words, “it gives the body an opportunity to practice dealing with stress,” and in turn, the stress response improves. “The less active we become, the more challenged we are in dealing with stress,” says Matthews. And, if you have ever wondered why some people commit to exercise and can’t wait to get to gym, yoga studio or tennis court, or go out for a walk or a run, it’s because they want to experience that “feel good” state that regular daily exercise produces. Studies have shown that if you can stick to an exercise routine for at least 2 weeks, you are likely to stay the course.

Along with good nutrition, regular exercise is one of the best and simplest ways to avoid medication-dependent chronic illness. By exercising regularly, you help stave off many of the unhealthy conditions attributed to the aging process. While stress management is a very good reason to get and stay active, there many other reasons to keep your body moving:

  • Cardio exercise strengthens the lungs and heart, delivering more oxygen-rich blood to the muscles, tissues and other organs
  • Exercise provides an immune boost by elevating the level of immunoglobulins that help ward off infection
  • As your body becomes leaner and stronger your endurance increases, along with your energy and overall fitness levels
  • You preserve muscle mass and reduce overall body fat, including dangerous deep belly visceral fat, helping to control weight and prevent obesity, fatty liver and metabolic syndrome
  • As your heart begins to pump more efficiently and your resting heart rate declines, you improve heart health and lower blood pressure, lowering your risk of heart attack and stroke
  • The increased flow of blood and oxygen to the brain helps to form new brain cells, resulting in better cognitive function and improved alertness and focus
  • You improve insulin sensitivity, lower blood sugar levels and reduce diabetes risk
  • Exercising your body keeps your arteries, heart and muscles supple, improving cardiovascular function
  • You strengthen your bones, improve your bone health and help prevent bone loss
  • Exercise delivers nutrients to the skin, helps clean pores and revs up collagen production, leaving you with a younger looking, more radiant complexion
  • You get better quality restorative sleep, giving your body a chance to repair and restore

Professional Supplement Center offers these and many other high quality supplements for stress relief and exercise support:

PGX DailyPGX® Daily by Bioclinic Naturals – This all natural blend of highly viscous fibers contributes to a healthy glucose metabolism by lowering the glycemic index of your meal, normalizing blood sugar levels and improving insulin sensitivity. The formula includes 1,200 mg of medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s) which help to increase metabolism and may help to improve blood glucose related disorders such as diabetes. Gluten and dairy free.


CLACLA by Ortho Molecular – Along with a healthy diet and exercise, Conjugated Linoleic Acid supports reducing body fat while increasing muscle tone. The natural action of CLA speeds up fat metabolism and helps the body metabolize existing fat deposits when combined with moderate exercise. Gluten, yeast and soy free.


CoQ10 100 mgCoQ10 100 mg by Integrative Therapeutics – CoQ10 supplies support for energy production, cardiovascular health, cognitive function, overall wellness and healthy aging. For those taking statin medications, this supplement can help to ward off CoQ10 deficiency. Gluten, dairy and yeast free.


Corvalen Ribose Chewable Tablets (201245-)Corvalen Ribose Chewable by Douglas Labs – These natural D-ribose chewables are clinically proven to help restore energy, support cardiovascular and metabolic functions and reduce muscle stiffness, soreness and fatigue. D-ribose, a natural pentose sugar, is especially helpful for sports and fitness activities, as it helps to reduce the loss of energy during high intensity exercise and accelerates energy and tissue recovery. Gluten, soy, dairy and yeast free.

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Featured Brand – AjiPure®

AgiPureSusan Brown Health and Wellness Editor



Founded in Japan in 1909, Ajinomoto®, Co., Inc, was one of the first companies to conduct extensive research to identify the numerous properties of amino acids. This research culminated in an entrance into the pharmaceutical industry and led to the development and use of intravenous essential amino acid therapy in hospital settings. Ajinomoto® continues to be an industry leader in production technology, global supply and nutrition research on amino acids. Now expanded to 23 countries, Ajinomoto® works in collaboration with universities and public and private organizations to further contribute to improved overall health through the use of life-sustaining amino acids.

Video Ajipure

As the leading global supplier of pharmaceutical-grade and research-grade amino acids, Ajinomoto® exceeds industry standards for purity, safety and efficacy. AjiPure® is produced in North Carolina under cGMP protocols in an FDA compliant facility. All products are third party certified Kosher and vegan.

  • Purity – More than 100 years of scientific research and development has resulted in 99-100% pure AjiPure® amino acids. Extensive testing in the U.S.-based World Anti-Doping Agency ensures AjiPure® contains no banned or harmful substances.
  • Safety – AjiPure® amino acids are produced with a patented Ferment-A-Pure Technology from 100% natural, raw ingredients of non-animal origin.
  • Efficacy – To increase solubility and quick absorption, AjiPure® products are milled 7 times, resulting in improved bioavailability and efficacy.

In addition to their contribution to sustaining human life and wellness, Ajinomoto® supports local environmental and social causes that contribute to a cleaner environment and provide clothing and nutritional supplementation to reduce global hunger.

Fusi-BCAAFusi-BCAA® – This optimal 2:1:1 powdered blend of pharmaceutical-grade branched chain amino acids aids in increasing stamina during physical activity and promotes muscle recovery post exercise. This Non-GMO, vegan formula contains L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine. Gluten and dairy free, no preservatives or artificial colors or flavorings. Contains Non-GMO soy. Fusi-BCAA® Lemon Flavored Packets also available for those on the go.

GlutamimmuneGlutaimmune® – This pure, pharmaceutical-grade, fermented, vegetarian-sourced L-Glutamine powder helps to fuel the immune system and supports intestinal health, while maintaining muscle and promoting healing. Glutaimmune® supports the synthesis of glutathione, the body’s natural antioxidant, and is especially helpful during times of elevated stress or critical illness. Gluten and dairy free, Non-GMO vegan formulation. No preservatives or artificial colors.

ArgiFlow Fruit Punch Flavored PacketsArgiFlow® – This pure and unflavored pharmaceutical-grade L-Arginine aids cardiovascular health, helps maintain healthy blood pressure already within the normal range and supports proper blood vessel functioning. Gluten and dairy free, Non-GMO vegan formulation. No preservatives or artificial colors or flavorings. Also available as ArgiFlow® Fruit Punch Flavored Packets and ArgiFlow® Lemon Flavored Packets.

Hurry Up and Go!

12_HurryJacquie Eubanks RN BSN



These days our lifestyles are all about hurrying. Every day may feel like one long, extended rush hour, as we jam pack every second of our day and still seem to run out of time. How quickly can we gobble down our fast food lunch and get back to our desks? How fast can we finish our workout? We rush to get the kids to daycare or to school. We speed off to work, feeling frustrated when we hit a red light or when some minor traffic holds us up. Researchers have found that our attention spans have gotten shorter and we can only concentrate for 8 seconds before we are distracted by someone or something else. And, when we actually have nothing to occupy our minds, we immediately reach for our mobile devices to check our emails or text messages.

If all this sounds familiar to you, it may be a good time to recognize that all that rushing adds more stress to an already stressful life. We are pulled in so many directions, we often feel pressured and tense. To balance all that activity, we need to take some time to unwind. Many of us are so stressed, we may have forgotten how good it feels to slow down, calm the mind and relax. Chronic stress may often result in suppressed immune function, anxiety or depression and leave us vulnerable to prolonged inflammation. Taking it slow for a short time each day allows us to receive the health benefits associated with a slower lifestyle, including lowered levels of blood pressure and stress hormones.

In the midst of all the chaos, a few moments of visualizing yourself sitting on a beach reading a book may be just what you need to rest, relax, restore and refuel. Actually, it turns out that just taking the time to concentrate on our breath for a few minutes throughout the day can leave us revitalized and energized. Mindful breath control is one of the simplest and easiest ways to improve both mental and physical health. According to Harvard Health Publications, deep breathing several times each day encourages a full oxygen exchange, which can lower the heartbeat, stabilize blood pressure and lead to a more relaxed state of mind.

Generally, our alertness and reaction times diminish around 3 p.m. Maintaining focus for long periods of time burns energy and may leave us feeling drained. While none of us have an unlimited amount of energy, fortunately our energy is renewable. Those of us lucky enough to fit in a 10 to 20-minute power nap to ward off the 3 pm doldrums may surprisingly find not only reduced fatigue but increased focus, memory, cognitive performance and productivity. In fact, studies show that productive people can complete tedious tasks with a higher level of focus and less frustration when they take a break after 90 minutes of intense concentration. A 10-minute break that involves getting up and moving about can be truly restorative and help clear the mind.

Research shows that relaxation techniques such as meditation or deep breathing exercises are the most effective for calming the mind and lowering cortisol levels. Just 20 minutes of daily meditation can help to relieve chronic pain, manage stress and reduce inflammation. There is a misconception that learning to meditate is difficult. Meditation is an active practice that will evolve over time. Those who learn meditation techniques find that adopting this healthy lifestyle habit leads to long term mind-body benefits, including emotional wellbeing, increased awareness, positive mood, reduced anxiety and worry and improved heart rate, lowered blood pressure levels and increased energy. Those new to meditation may find that after only a few days of daily practice, they sleep better and feel less stressed overall.

While our lives are filled with things we have to do, don’t lose sight that life is a balance between obligations, productivity and enjoyment. Sharing a nourishing meal with family and friends is one of the great pleasures of life. Those who make a habit of inhaling their food may want to consider eating more slowly. Eating at a relaxed pace allows you to better recognize when you have satiated your hunger, leading to less caloric intake and gradual weight loss. Those who take the time to sit down and eat mindfully better support their digestion and immune health and make healthier overall nutrition choices.

For a healthier and happier 2016, work towards slowing down the pace of your everyday life. Consider turning down your stress response and taking a breather from the whirlwind. Sometimes, just hitting the brakes on some areas of your life leads to satisfaction in other areas. Slowing down can help to boost your creativity and allows time to gain a fresh perspective about what is most important in your life. When you need to get centered, taking a walk in nature and breathing in fresh air can help you live in the moment and fill you with a sense of peace, good health and general wellbeing.

Professional Supplement Center offers these and other high quality supplements that support the stress response, energy production and healthy sleep:

Daily Stress FormulaDaily Stress Formula by Pure Encapsulations – This broad spectrum formulation contains a blend of herbs and nutrients designed to counter the physical and mental effects of stress, including support for heathy neurotransmitter production, adrenal response and energy metabolism. Gluten and soy free, Non-GMO vegetarian formula.


De-Stress by Biotics Research – This popular product is formulated with a patented, all natural, bioactive peptide proven to be clinically effective in relieving anxiety and stress. Gluten free.


Calm ResponseCalm Response by Innate Response Formulas – This synergistic formula provides botanicals, adaptogens and nutrients in support of a healthy stress response, mental stamina, strengthening the nervous system and gentle overall wellness support. Gluten, dairy and soy free vegetarian formula.


Stress EaseStress Ease by American Nutraceuticals – This product provides herbals, adaptogens, vitamins and minerals to aid in reducing physical, emotional and mental stress and fatigue and to promote emotional wellbeing and a calm state of mind. Gluten, dairy and soy free, vegan formula.


Hevert Stress ReliefHevert Stress Relief by Hevert Pharmaceuticals – These quick dissolving tablets provide non-drowsy homeopathic support for the temporary relief of symptoms of tension and stress, such as restlessness, anxiousness, sleeplessness and nervousness.

Stress ArrestStress Arrest by Designs for Health – This product delivers comprehensive support for stress and anxiety related conditions with a calming, therapeutic, synergistic blend of GABA, glycine and B vitamins. Gluten free, Non-GMO vegetarian formula.


Stress Support Complex

Stress Support Complex by Complementary Prescriptions – This stress and sleep support formula provides natural ingredients including botanicals, GABA and adaptogens for occasional anxiety and tension relief.


What’s New In The USDA Dietary Guidelines?

USDAGuidelinesSusan Brown Health and Wellness Editor



At long last, the new dietary guidelines were announced last week amid controversy about corporate and political influences, sustainable agriculture and food security. So much so, that Congress will hold a hearing to review the science behind the recommendations, even though the highly qualified academic researchers took into account over 4,000 scientific studies. The Dietary Guidelines Committee, an independent group of 14 doctors and scientists, issued a 570-page report reflecting not only general dietary recommendations, but also advising on the environmental impact of food production.

Even though the guidelines are just advisory to many Americans, they are extremely important, as they are mandatory for millions of military personnel, National School Lunch Programs and for approximately 40 million low income families served by the Federal Women, Infants and Children nutrition program.

The committee focused on examining dietary patterns, combinations and quantity of food and nutrients consumed and their synergistic and cumulative effects on health and disease. To summarize what the committee determined:

  • Half of all American adults–117 million individuals–have one or more preventable chronic diseases
  • Nearly two-thirds of adults –155 million people—are overweight or obese
  • Two decades of poor dietary patterns, overconsumption of excess calories and lack of physical activity are contributing factors in obesity and chronic disease
  • Positive lifestyle and dietary changes could substantially improve public health outcomes
  • The most underconsumed nutrients, resulting in a shortfall and adverse health outcomes, are vitamins A, E and C, folate, calcium, magnesium, fiber and potassium
  • Iron deficiency was listed as a nutrient shortfall for adolescent and premenopausal females
  • Teen boys and adult males consume too much animal protein and not enough plant based foods
  • The majority of the population consume a diet too high in saturated fat, added sugars and sodium and too low in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and dairy
  • A healthy dietary pattern associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity was identified as higher in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy, seafood, legumes and nuts; moderate in alcohol consumption; and lower in red and processed meats, sugar and refined grains
  • Multi-component obesity prevention recommendations included nutrition education, improved dietary intake of fruits and vegetables, increased access to healthy food in low income and underserved communities and promotion of physical activity
  • A focus on sustainable diets that are higher in plant-based foods and lower in animal-based foods as more health promoting with a lower environmental impact
  • Linking health, dietary guidance and the environment will promote human health and sustainability of natural resources and ensure short and long term food security
  • In a nutshell, a moderate amount of coffee is beneficial, added sugars should be limited to 10% of daily calories, sodium intake should not exceed one teaspoon daily, and limits on eggs and dietary cholesterol consumption were removed but suggestions were made to eat in moderation within a healthy eating pattern

The controversy:

  • The guidelines completely ignored the environmental impact and sustainability of food production that many believe is the result of lobbyists and politicians questioning the science behind the recommendations
  • The continued recommendation to continue to eat a low-fat diet even though multiple scientific studies have shown that healthy fats are an essential and necessary part of human nutrition
  • The lack of clear guidance on how much red and processed meat can be safely consumed, ignoring the World Health Organization’s finding that these foods are linked to a higher cancer risk
  • Nutritionists argued that no distinctions were made between the sources of fats and carbohydrates to distinguish between healthy foods and junk foods

So, as some contend that the guidelines were influenced by the food industry and did not go far enough to protect public health, others praise the recommendations as sound and sensible and based on strong scientific evidence. The well intentioned advice to eat a more plant based diet to protect against obesity, heart disease, cancer and other serious nutrition related health conditions is still up against sophisticated and powerful marketing campaigns of special interest groups that promote foods and beverages that directly contradict this advice. Don’t expect them to give up easily.

While some, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Medical Association, support keeping politics out of dietary guidelines, they acquiesce that this may remain an impossibility for “as long as nutrition is received via food and food remains a commodity that is produced and consumed.” So, it’s really up to you, as an individual, to decide for yourself. Some will continue on a path to poor health through poor nutrition and others will follow some good nutritional advice to support their own good health and longevity. The Dietary Guidelines Committee hopes the majority will choose the latter.

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Every Day Detox

EverydayDetoxJacquie Eubanks RN BSN



Critical organs including the liver, intestinal tract, kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system and our skin are all part of our wondrous and complex detoxification system. As a primary function of our bodies, our system is designed to naturally neutralize and eliminate unwanted toxins. Some toxins are waste products, including carbon dioxide, urea and lactic acid, that our bodies continually produce as a result of normal metabolic activities.

Every day we are basically bombarded with pesticides, artificial ingredients, copious amounts of added sugars, unhealthy fats and refined grains found in our standard American diet, along with industrial chemicals and pollutants found in our environment. Increasingly high levels of chronic stress, pharmaceutical and OTC medications, and poor lifestyle habits, such as smoking, recreational drug use and alcohol overindulgence, also contribute to our toxic load and strain our natural elimination processes.

Heavy metals, pesticides or chemicals can be found in our air, our water, our food, our personal items and in the products we use in our households, all of which put an additional toxic burden on our elimination and cleansing organs. As our bodies may not be equipped to handle the overabundance of pollutants we encounter every day, over time our ability to process and remove toxins may be compromised. The body may then begin to store toxins in bone and fat tissues, potentially resulting in a chronic state of low level inflammation that many consider to be the root of many chronic health issues.

Particularity at this time of year, some of us may consider a fasting detox. Fasting, however, may not support the nutritional demands of the metabolic processes involved in the detoxing phases. Our bodies require enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients to help rid the body of unwanted waste products and chemicals. To give your body a much needed boost and a rest period, it’s important to know the proper way to support the detox process. Done correctly, toxic components are removed and replaced with therapeutic and supportive nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that support the body through the stages of detoxification.

The right detox program can help to re-establish digestive balance, strengthen immunity and reduce the burden on the body to help support the body’s own ability to heal itself naturally. Detoxing is a complicated process that involves conversion of fat soluble toxins to water soluble toxins so they can be safely eliminated. A good detoxification program supports our body’s own detoxification and elimination systems for more optimal function.

Adequate nutrition, regular exercise, habitual restorative sleep and a healthy lifestyle all help to aid everyday biological processes and limit your toxic load. As your body constantly strives to keep you healthy, it’s important that you minimize your exposure by making healthy choices, observing how your body reacts when you don’t and making adjustments where necessary. By avoiding foods that stress your liver and kidney functions, such as high amounts of alcohol, processed foods and high fructose corn syrup, and adding foods that contain choline and omega-3 essential fatty acids, you are already detoxing a bit every day. By drinking adequate amounts of water, providing adequate amounts of macro and micronutrients and eliminating harmful foods, you can give your organs a chance to do their jobs well. Detoxing is an ongoing process that can aid the body in its sometimes overwhelming quest to eliminate toxins on a daily basis.

An easy way to detox:

  • Have high quality protein at every meal to balance blood sugar, reduce cravings and support liver detoxification pathways
  • Stick to fresh, whole, nutrient dense foods and avoid processed and packaged foods, added sugar and refined carbs
  • Eat lots and lots of fresh colorful antioxidant veggies, organically grown when possible, to help neutralize toxic metabolites released during the detoxification process
  • Read ingredient labels on all the products you buy and switch to natural, less chemically laden products whenever you can
  • Be sure to include phytonutrient-rich foods such as those that contain vitamin C, selenium, magnesium and liver-supportive silymarin
  • Support the complex detoxification process with a good quality B complex supplement containing methylcobalamin and methylfolate.
  • Fuel your cells with healthy fats such as nuts, omega-3’s, olive oil and coconut
  • To aid toxin elimination, stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of pure water
  • Support good digestion and regular elimination with pre and probiotic foods and probiotic supplements
  • As caffeine and alcohol must be processed by the liver, reduce intake to help support detoxing
  • Exercise daily and work up a sweat to help eliminate toxins through perspiration
  • Get healing, restful sleep to support the body through the detox process

High quality supplements that aid and support the detoxification process include:

10-Day BioDetox Kit Pea Protein10-Day BioDetox Kit by Biotics Research – Available with either whey or pea protein, this program supports 3 stages of detoxification, which include decreasing inflammation, metabolic cleansing and regeneration & repair. Gluten free.


Detox Nutrients Packet (PK103)Detox Nutrients Packet by Thorne Research – These easily totable packets ensure a simple and effective way to provide the proper daily nutrients to support optimal detoxification processes. This complete formula is ideal for those undergoing a cleansing or weight loss program or those engaging in strenuous exercise. This gluten, dairy and yeast free Non-GMO formula provides synergistic herbs, botanicals, amino acids and nutrients known to support and promote detoxification.


PaleoCleanse PlusPaleoCleanse™ Plus by Designs for Health – This functional food powdered formula contains a comprehensive blend of nutrients, antioxidants, herbs, fiber and fruit and vegetable extracts in support of overall metabolic detoxification processes and balanced phase I and II detox pathways. Features 18 g of Non-GMO, low allergen pea protein per serving. Gluten and dairy free

Featured Brand – XYMOGEN

XymogenSusan Brown Health and Wellness Editor



For more than 20 years, XYMOGEN, an independent, family-owned health sciences company, has provided exclusive professional nutraceutical formulas of incomparable quality. Trusted by practitioners and patients, XYMOGEN’s exacting standards of quality, purity and efficacy, combined with personal attention to detail, help individuals achieve their best possible health. Their science-based, innovative formulations are researched, developed, clinically tested and reviewed by their esteemed medical board of advisors, their dedicated team of experienced functional medicine consultants and their chief medical officer, world-renowned David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, ABIHM.

Only state-of-the-art forms of ingredients chosen for their quality and purity are utilized to create their leading edge, patented, dynamic and ever-evolving formulations. The majority of their formulas are manufactured in their ultra modern cGMP registered facility in Orlando, Florida. XYMOGEN adheres to all truth in labeling standards and most formulas are free of common allergens including gluten, soy, yeast and dairy and contain no artificial ingredients of any kind.

Due to their founding principles and respect for medical professionals, their safe and effective formulas are solely intended for use under the supervision of a licensed healthcare practitionerPlease call Professional Supplement Center (888.245.5000) for more information about the XYMOGEN line of professional formulas and to schedule an assessment of your medical history and unique biochemical needs.


Defining Wellness in 2016

wellnessJacquie Eubanks RN BSN



What does healthy mean to you? Is it simply the absence of disease or does it include a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, as defined by the World Health Organization? To maximize our potential for optimal health, we might add intellectual, emotional and spiritual wellbeing as well. The origin of the word health comes from the Old English word hale which translates to mean “wholeness, being whole, sound or well.” Many of us would agree that a balance of all the dimensions of health are equally important to achieve true wellness.

Yet, in general, the American population’s adherence to a healthy lifestyle has decreased over the last 2 decades:

  • Obesity is the new normal. While overweight and obesity rates in the U.S. climbed to 68.6%, research shows that 41% were happy with their current weight and 49% were twice as likely to want to lose weight than were actually taking steps to accomplish any weight loss. According to Gallup’s annual Health and Healthcare poll, for the first time in 25 years less than half of Americans wanted to lose weight, down from 62% in 2004. Even though statistics show that obesity worldwide has become a great concern for global public health, a solid majority of Americans say their weight is “about right.”
  • Nope, not going to make those healthy lifestyle changes. While medical research shows that a person who has had a heart attack is at greater risk for another one, many are not making the necessary lifestyle changes to reverse or prevent cardiac disease, including getting regular exercise, quitting smoking, reducing stress or losing weight. Even though heart disease is preventable and in many cases reversible, statistics show that Americans who have survived a heart attack are less likely to eat a heart-healthy diet, engage in regular exercise, quit smoking, maintain a healthy weight or minimize stress, than those who have never had a heart attack.
  • Read any good books lately? You’re joking, right? While we are inundated with recommendations to reduce stress to support good health, almost half of Americans report being stressed for time. Studies show that nearly half of our children live in homes where both parents work full time. Parents find that trying to balance home and work life along with childcare responsibilities is stressful and many feel that they don’t get to spend enough time with their children, family members or friends, nor are they able to get adequate sleep.
  • Broccoli? No, thanks. Studies show that eating a minimum of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily allows people to live longer and healthier lives. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), optimal nutrition is the cornerstone of good health and disease prevention. If we are to succeed in significantly reducing excessive premature death and highly preventable chronic diseases, good nutrition is critical. Yet, according to researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) fully 87% of Americans don’t meet the daily recommendations for fruit consumption and 91% don’t meet the recommendations for vegetable consumption.

Good health may go unappreciated but should never be undervalued. The outstanding Greek physician Hippocrates reportedly stated, “A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings.” Hopefully in 2016 more Americans will begin to realize that health really is the true wealth and will start to take steps to improve their nutrition and lifestyle habits.

There’s plenty of room for improvement in 2016:

  • Seriously, carve out a bit of time each day to exercise. When we elevate the importance of exercise, most of us can manage to fit in 20 minutes of aerobic activity every day to reduce the risks of developing inflammatory and degenerative conditions, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and a long list of other chronic diseases. Just a little exercise each day reduces stress, keeps your body toned and supports a healthy mood.
  • Eat more plant based foods. It’s not that hard to incorporate more fruits and veggies into your daily diet when you include some at every meal. By eating more plant based foods, you’re increasing your vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, phytonutrient and fiber intake. Adding a small salad at lunch and dinner time and including fresh fruit as dessert increases a feeling of satiety and helps you eat less overall, helping to reduce or maintain your weight and giving your body some much needed nutritional support.
  • Support your digestive health for overall good health. A healthy digestive system allows for absorption and utilization of the micro and macro nutrients your body requires, not only for optimal function, but for a fully functioning immune system also. An unhealthy digestive system triggers inflammation, the sneaky culprit behind disease progression. Many digestive issues can be resolved by supporting a healthy microbiome with a daily probiotic supplement and a nutritious diet that includes lots of fiber.
  • Regular sufficient sleep is the great healer. There’s no getting around it, we all need restorative sleep each night. Considering our time restraints and distractions these days, getting a good night’s sleep is a challenge. Sleep is an essential requirement for our physical and mental health and emotional wellbeing. Those of us who are chronically sleep deprived are more likely to develop chronic disease and obesity and to experience reduced productivity. To remain healthy and to function at your best, consider a good night’s sleep a necessity, not a luxury.
  • If you are going to make one change to your diet, greatly reduce your sugar intake. Heart disease, dementia and highly prevalent type 2 diabetes are linked to the predominant amounts of added sugars we consume. Take small steps to slowly wean yourself off added sugars by including more naturally sweet fruits, vegetables and dairy, while eliminating unhealthy sugary drinks and snacks.
  • Nutritional supplements aid in reducing nutritional deficiencies. The 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) concluded that we currently consume insufficient amounts of vitamins A, D, E and C, folate, calcium, magnesium, fiber and potassium and that this underconsumption is linked to adverse health outcomes. Malnutrition can result in unexplained weight loss, fatigue, frequent illness, an impaired immune response, poor concentration and depression. A nutritious diet along with high quality supplementation can support optimal bodily functions and metabolic processes and reduce your risks of developing poor health.

Professional Supplement Center offers these and other high quality supplements and nutraceuticals that support your wellness goals:

PGX DailyPGX® Daily by Bioclinic Naturals – This clinically studied formula supplies a highly viscous proprietary fiber blend in support of healthy glucose metabolism, improved regularity, increased satiety and reduced appetite. Gluten free.


UltraNutrientUltraNutrient® by Pure Encapsulations – This advanced hypoallergenic formula provides high potency, broad-spectrum, enhanced nutritional support for the cardiovascular system and optimal liver function. The gluten and soy free, Non-GMO vegetarian formula contains bioavailable vitamins, minerals, botanicals and well recognized antioxidants.


Fiber Plus CapsFiber Plus Caps by Ortho Molecular – This blend of natural ingredients provides probiotics, bran, fruits and fiber in support of healthy bowel function, regularity and long term maintenance of healthy bowels. Gluten and soy free.


MegaFlora Plus (HEAT SENSITIVE PRODUCT)MegaFlora® Plus by MegaFood – This proprietary probiotic blend supplies 50 billion CFU per capsule in support of intestinal health, bowel regularity and a healthy immune response. Gluten, soy and dairy free, this product is especially helpful in restoring the microbiome after a course of antibiotics.


Multi-Mins (Iron & Copper Free)Multi-Mins™ Iron and Copper Free by Biotics Research – Multi-Mins™ provides a balanced source of mineral chelates, whole food, phytochemically bound trace minerals, antioxidant enzymes and Betaine HCI to facilitate absorption. Gluten free. Also available as Multi-Mins™ with iron and copper.

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